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Seoul Tripping: Nanu Guesthouse PINK

Good evening or good morning?

Many of you have asked me about my accommodation during my stay in Seoul and even though

I have stayed at various hostels during my past three visits, Nanu Guesthouse has been the best

hostel out of all of them so far.

I chose the Hostel for his Pink Hello Kitty design,it’s central location and great reviews on bookings.com and airbnb.com!

Without further ado, let me introduce me to the hostel:


It is located in the heart of Hongdae, surrounded by cute coffee shops and only a three minute

walk away from Exit 3 of Hongik University Station!

The Hostel offers dorm rooms, twin rooms but also private rooms for a good

prize considering that you have free (perfect/fast) WiFi, a clean shower/restroom with towels, a common room

with a kitchen and a digital door lock protected by a password, I was definitely more than surprised about the low daily rate. The staff are all very friendly and always reachable through LINE (or one phone call away).

Now let’s take a look at the adorable rooms and interior design, shall we?




The common room with the kitchen, dining table, phone and free city guidebooks of Seoul!





The two pictures above show you the private rooms =)

(adorable, right?)





The Twin rooms, with a make up table and do you spot the cute Hello Kitty Pillows?





And lastly the dorm rooms! Each of the different room types have lockers and a make up table =)



I wanted to steal that pillow so bad :’D


People always look down on hostels but I’d hope that my readers and fellow low budget travelers

will see hostels as an opportunity to meet new friends, exchange travel stories and also learn more

about another culture. Not to mention that his hostel is super cozy and even tough people came in

after me when I was already asleep inside the room, they kept quite and kept their voices down if

they were still talking to a friend or on the phone.

The staff as already mentioned is really kind, all of them know English and inform you

about events or free sight seeing insiders in Seoul – one even invited me to go to a university festival

where Mamamoo was performing but unfortunately I couldn’t make it.

They also sometimes organize small events like, a dorm party or cooking dinner all together (grabbing a drink together at

a bar close by) so staying at Nanu Guesthouse has really paid of, I made so many new friends

and also learned a lot about what it’s like to live/work in Seoul from the owner =)

So, if you are looking for a comfortable, save and cheap place to stay in Seoul, Nanu Guesthouse is

definitely the place for you! It also only takes one hour by train or airport bus to the airport so you

don’t have to worry about struggling with your heavy luggage.

I hope this post was informative, if you want more info on prices etc, please check Nanu Guesthouse’s website here:

Nanu Guest House Pink

Enjoy your future stay!


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Seoul Diaries: Hongdae aka handsome/beautiful people everywhere!




So I thought about writing in japanese again for once haha


Even though I met some japanese people in Seoul I wasn’t able to talk to them much…


Not to mention that I can’t really speak korean so my friend did all the work. Thanks babe!


So today’s topic is: Hongdae!


It’s one of the famous regions none for university students so everything is pretty cheap and full of young people.


So let me show you some pictures!


Thanks to our jet-lag we were wandering around Hongdae starting 5 am. Drunken Korean people are hilarious!


Our hostel (kimchee hostel hongdae) was about 10 minutes away from the main street so definitely check it out!


Idols/Actresses promote anything and everything in Korea!


Oh how much I missed those little stores and do you spot the pink Etude House?



Well, after our early start we needed our coffee break at ‘The coffee bean & Tea leaf’.



We discussed the schedule for the day over some delicious Macha Latte. YUM!



My pretty friend ❤




I bet a few of you know this spot already (did anyone watch ‘A Gentleman’s dignity’ – you guys know this place.)

A lot of street musicians perform here and they are GOOD! Lord have mercy – I saw one performance and was mind blown.



Angel in Us coffee shop which was open for 24 hours – we didn’t go there once.

Too expensive for devils.


アァ~!ここね。。。お金が無くなっちゃった 笑


This place is…one of the reason why my money is gone and my closet is overflowing with new outfits….

BUT the stores are really cheap just be aware that most of them only accept cash and no credit card 😉


Hongik Universityです!素敵な建物ではありませんか?行きたいはね。。。えへへ

I really liked the building of Hongik University – wish I could study there as well…




。。。あのうさ。。。HO BARと言う場所はなんでしょうか?変な名前だは~!

Ho Bar – I will NEVER get over that name, NEVER!




Cafe Moin was such a great place to spend our morning at! Plus the bartender was kinda cute.


ランチはJam Bong!

I wanted to eat Jam Bong since I had to watch Jihyo eating it on Running Man.

DELICIOUS seafood with noodles and it wasn’t even that spicy! Try it!


The day pretty much ended with us passing out at the hostel around 7pm? haha


Well, the next post will be about Myeongdong so stay tuned!