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Day 10 – Chenny Tour Exhibition

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Good evening ❤

Another night spend in a 24/7 coffee shop in Sinchon with Ally and I could really get used to that!

Today, I woke up early and headed over to Hyehwa for the Chenny Tour exhibition

since my friend asked if I could help out and I surely enjoyed lending them a hand.

Many people don’t know how much work these birthday events are, how much energy and time they swallow

and yet everyone was smiling and fooling around with each other despite the language barrier.

Without further ado let me guide you through this beautiful exhibition.


Allow me to be your special guide on this tour!



(sneaky Chennie Duck)



First stop at the merchandise stand, look at the adorable eco bag and beautiful Polaroids!



I obviously got some for myself as well 😉



The exhibition room itself is quite huge and spacious, we even rearranged

the lights for better lightening!





Now to some of my favorite pictures, which I took my sweet time to admire.







From baby Jongdae to…



…to our charming poodle prince!



Look at this gorgeous man!





(that was such a good day!)



Our little visitors in Doll form!



Luckily Monica stopped by and we fetched lunched and coffee together!

Our lunch was so delicious – god have mercy!

Thanks again for coming up all the way to Seoul to see me my dear ❤

(and also climbed a freaking mountain in heels – which I shall blog about tomorrow :’D)


For today I will leave it at that and probably head back to Hongdae soon,

I hope you enjoyed my little tour!

Much love and see you tomorrow =3


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