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Day 9 – Thanks Nature Cafe! SHEEP

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Good morning Ladies&Gents,

I luckily got a few more hours of sleep last night and am currently sitting in this adorable

coffee shop in Hongdae, sipping on a Honey Latte and writing this blog ❤

Yesterday was a “me” kind of day and I spend it shopping in Hongdae, meeting up with Ally and also

visiting the “Thanks Nature Cafe” in Hongdae, which is a lovely place to visit if you want to relax and ease your mind.



It feels like once you step down, you leave the busy streets of Seoul and step right onto a farm!






You have to get a drink to be able to enter the Sheep area but I planned on getting some nice

iced matcha latte anyways and I surely didn’t regret it!


Myeon Rabbit was my companion on this trip 😉



So cute!



Inside the sheep corral, I took a seat and watched the sheep couple enjoy their lunch!



This one made a mess :’D



This could be me….



They were so adorable and if you sat still, they actually come up to you and I patted them ;__;



Beautiful view, right?

The owner of the sheep is really loveable as well, he played around with them!






I stayed there for about an hour and just watched them, took pictures and figured out some

financial stuff but I really love this cafe, so definitely check it out when you are in the Hongdae area!

Walk up the main road to Hongik University, it’s located on the B1 level to your left if you walk up from Hongdae.



I didn’t want to say goodbye to them but it was time to find myself some lunch as well

and later on meet up with Ally to watch Finn nim’s DVD together (I totally died watching it)

Yesterday was a really nice day, let’s see what today has in store for me.

All of you have a nice day! =)


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