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Day 5: The Vocalist Cafe Chen Beni Report


Another long day – but a happy one!

I woke up around eight thirty this morning so I got enough sleep to prepare for the day.

After hopping under the shower and throwing some make up onto my face, I headed

out to meet up for coffee with my baby dongsaeng Ally at drop top. She treated me to an Iced Americano ;__;

She also brought me my In The Height’s Ticket & Minseok’s Photobook.

20150912_101655Gorgeous sight.


Then we headed out to Kondae to The Vocalist’s Cafe Cheni Beni Event!

But before that we spotted Kimoppa’s and Chensday’s birthday ad at the station and

recharged our batteries with an delicious lunch set.


(it was hard to not press myself up against that ad and rub myself against it)



Seafood galore~~~


And off to the Cafe we went, which was like in fricking Nevada – the walk was the best exercise ever today :’D

Who am I kidding I’ve been walking around since 9 am and now it’s midnight. (sobs)

We arrived at the Cafe ten minutes before it would open and some people were already

standing in line in front of the entrance door. Everyone, especially the Vocalist were really sweet

and polite (besides one Korean highschooler who made fun of me /imitated me), passing out free

cards while we were waiting.

When it opened we were overwhelmed with just how much care and thoughtfulness the cafe

had been decorated, now let me give you a little tour.



yea we were greeted by that right at the entrance – go figure our reactions.





Look at the pictures ;___; and god I love the one with the feathers he looks like a real angel!





I’m so in love with this picture


So manly! /swoons


All her pictures that she displayed were gorgeous!


Look at this baby /cackles



You had the choice between a set (2 macarons, beni coaster, coffee/hot chocolate), they also offered

the Crescendo Photobook from last year and a photo card set for reasonable prices.


The varieties of EXO dolls we saw today were no joke!


This cracked me up!


My macarons ❤ (Strawberry/Lemon/Chocolate)

I was able to give the Vocalist my present and she remembered me from Twitter (le cries)

She was really sweet and funny!


I got an iced chocolate /noms


The photocard set is so pretty and look at the cute coaster! *___*


The girl next to us was from Taiwan and she got the Chennie Latte /grins


Selca Check


I also bought a lot of cheap clothes today and walked along the

stream at night – so I’m close to pass out right now.

I met a really sweet Korean Jongdae stan today and all in all I can say that korean

Jongdae stans are for one hilarious and secondly very, very sweet/generous!

I hope you enjoyed my little report.

Alina over and out /dives under sheets


Author: clumsypanda

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life.

2 thoughts on “Day 5: The Vocalist Cafe Chen Beni Report

  1. Love your post from today!~ who was that naughty little high schooler that laughed at you hmmm
    the pictures were gorgeous and i’m totally jelly, but glad you got to go along with ally and naz ❤

    • i honestly just wrote this report for you because i knew just how much you wanted to go 😦

      That girl was really spiteful and making fun of me and my voice/korean etc

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