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Day 3 – Dongdaemun aka meeting the squad

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I’m relying on TwoSome’s WiFi right now even though I claimed to

not visit any chain coffee shops this time – well.

Today was a crazy ride since we met up with my friend Carla and had lunch together in

Sinchon & I spontaneously decided to cut my hair. (The hairdresser eonnies were so sweet and funny!!)



Chinese food for the win – JAJAMYEON MY LOVE (and savior)



Cafe Smith will not see me again, the Yujacha was delicious but 6.500W for tall size…




‘Cause it’s Korea and I must look cute aka I got annoyed by my hair and trimmed it.

(it has a faint purple touch in the sunlight <3)







We headed to Dongdaemun afterwards for the glowing roses but since it was still light outside

when we arrived, we strolled around and eventually stumbled over our special friends /coughs



I love how they all stand in a straight line ready for us to press up against the glass case – wait what?



I wanted to take that figurine home with me – it’s super adorable.

(I need to grow up – snorts yea right.)



Seokkie – because the pink hair shall always be remembered and dearly missed. Cotton Candy Ice Cream Fairy.



Had to support my ladies as well since I dig their whole album and been looping it since it

was released. Huff&Puff /jams

(I got Seulgi for my photo-card YAAAS)



When it got dark we stopped at the glowing rose garden and the sight was breath taking!




Grace, the twins and I then decided to rest for a while at a 24/7 Holly’s in Dongdaemun and

talked about basically EVERYTHING. By the way Korean guys seem to favor extremely tight

pants and well, what can I say I have seen a couple of fairly nice apple butts so far /wipes drool

(I also did more shopping at the LINE Store – because they sold character T-shirts for 10 000 Won ONLY)

And lastly, can you see the faint purple in my hair?



Alright, it’s almost midnight and I’m meeting up with my baby Ally and Naz eonnie tomorrow

so better head back to the hostel soon. (sleep is for the weak tho – at least in Seoul)

See you tomorrow ❤


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