A Panda in Wonderland ★

Day 2 – Insadong, Bukchon and Myeongdong


/waves and flops down on bed

So, today was exhausting but let me start from the beginning, I was already up around

7am and since I didn’t want to wake up Grace, I decided to shower and head out for a cup of coffee.

And lord, did I find a cozy one right around the corner.

CZ Bakery Cafe




I ordered an Iced Mint Mocha (be aware you might get addicted to that drink)



I even managed to sit outside a little later because the sun was out and it

was nice and warm, perfect to calculate my finances.


When Grace was ready we headed over to Insadong and checked out the art plaza over

there before lunch.






I love that art gallery so much and look at these cute giraffes!!! ❤

Lunch = Naengmyun aka my favorite summer dish!

After recharging our batteries we headed out to Anguk station to walk up the hill

to Bukchon and I only got a glimpse at Samcheongdong but enough to decide that I’ll come back next week.




It was quite the climb but definitely worth the sore but cheeks :’D




The view is so so pretty, you really have to visit Bukchon if you come to Seoul!


Next stop was Myeongdong for me while Grace had to pick up some things in Sinchon area

so obviously I had to do some crazy shopping and visit stores like Spao, Nature Republic and

some Korean fashion brand store which name I always forget.

They didn’t have Red Velvet’s Album in the music store yet (bummer) but they will tomorrow.



Hello Exoluxion Mickey Hat.



It’s impossible to miss the Spao Store even if you try.



Obviously had to take a picture of the hubby – what?



Short bubble tea break at Gongchan (Seokkie in sunnys tho) and reunion with Grace so we could head to our Han River

Ferry Tour together! =)



Sadly, the rest of the picture that I took while riding the ferry where way too dark

but the tour was definitely worth it – even if 80% of the guests were overly affectionate couples.

Grace and I almost reenacted the titanic scene JUST BECAUSE.


We just got back to the hostel and packed our backs because we are moving to a different one tomorrow

but let me show you my little shopping GETS today. (#woops #yolo #byemoney)


The tote-bag has little lightening bolts on it OKAY – I HAD to buy it /coughs

And the Spao Mickey pullover was just lovely color wise, one always needs socks ’nuff said.

I also bought a jumper which I will wear out tomorrow \:D/

Alright time to call it a day.

See you tomorrow ❤


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