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Seoul Tripping 2015 – Schedule

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It’s been so long since I’ve used this blog but it does indeed come in handy for documenting the upcoming next week and share it with everyone who is interested in another travel adventure of mine.

This time I have a few places I’d like to visit and lots of friends to meet up with (and probably get drunk with), so I’ve decided to make a little schedule, because if I’m on vacation I tend to forget things like a lot.

September 8th: Arrival at Incheon around 1pm – heading to my Hostel in Gangnam (if I don’t get lost) and DDP Tower

September 9th: Bukcheon and Secret Garden Tour before going on the late night Han River Ferry Trip with Grace

September 10th: Meeting up with friends in Apgujeong Rodeo for Lunch /SM Tour/Bubble Tea

September 11th: Meeting up with Ally and Naz for coffee&lunch in Garousil School Food, then freiknock before hitting up a bar in the evening with the twins and eonnie

September 12th: Probably getting my hair done before heading over to The Vocalist’s Cafe Event

September 13th: Meeting up with B. Stan eonnie at Kamong and then probably invading Coex (lol) /changing hostel/meeting up with the dongsaeng

September 14th: In The Heights Musical Day 1 & Meeting up with my Japanese Eonnies for lunch&coffee

September 15th: In The Heights Musical Day 2 & Meeting up with my fellow chenmis again (going to cafe chen?)

September 16th: Samcheongdong Cafe Hopping day

September 17th: Dog Cafe? Tofu Alley >> Dobongsan’s Sondubu Alley

September 18th: Clubbing in the evening and I have yet to decide what to do during the day – recommendations are welcome

September 19th: Meeting up with Mon for yummy food and coffee/tea woot woot

September 20th: If I haven’t bought my sister’s birthday present by then – I’ll focus on that, also maybe go to Incheon City

September 21st: It’s Jongdae’s birthday so I hope to celebrate it together with Ally ❤

September 22nd: to be decided but definitely last minute shopping because it’s my last day

September 23rd: Depature from Incheon

This is just a rough overview of dates that are confirmed already but I somewhere have a list of places in Seoul that I want to visit so I will probably update this schedule once I arrived in Seoul ^_________^


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