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Seoul Diaries: Myeongdong – Bye money!

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Good evening!

This blog will be written in english only since I yet have to study kanji, do the laundry etc.

Lame excuses – I know, just deal with it :’D

So, I don’t think I’ll be able to sum up every thing that happened in Myeongdong since we

spent A LOT of time there.

(blame it on Nature Republic, the damn SM Pop Up Store, CD Stores, Cheap Clothes, Forever 21 and AWESOME food)

Ask my friend, we left most of our money in Myeongdong with no regret.

Anyways time for some pictures.


Credit for this picture goes to Mr. Carl W on flickr.

My camera ran out of battery and I missed to take a picture of this spot…

You run into so many japanese people there I almost felt at home :’D


If you thought Japanese were using every chance to make their Idols promote shit – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

South Korea is taking the top spot for Idol Promotions…we didn’t even walk a meter without seeing famous/pretty faces!


Not going to lie – I was pondering on stealing that standy from the first day until the last…


Alina’s favorite store. So basically if anyone wants a facial mask – just hit me up – I have like an annual supply of sheet masks.

Pink stores shall not be trusted.



Oh don’t be surprised about the lack of people around by the way.

Our first visit to Myeongdong was around 8am since we were awfully jet lagged and got up around 4am.


Lunch break, Naengmyoen aka cold noodles.

My dear friend…was challenging fate by ordering the SPICY ONES.

Now, ladies and gentleman, we shall never do that in Korea.

You won’t feel any pain while you eat but as soon as you stop you can kiss any sensation in your tongue tonight.

We were crying while eating – the restaurant owner was probably having a blast.


I love how everything is so colorful in asia!


Snail Cream? I yet have to figure out what kind of product our dear Changmin is promoting here…


Selfie and promoting ‘Homestead Coffee’ probably our favorite coffee shop chain in Korea!

The mint chocolate mocha was a piece of heaven.



Back outside we fought hard to not stop and buy something at every food stand we passed by.

My friend is addicted to korean character socks. It never fails to amuse me how we stopped

at every sock stand while she peeked around for EXO ones. I love you Tami.


A ‘quick’ stop at the CD store to pick up our favorite artists’ albums – they are so cheap over here.

A full length album costs you about 10 – 15 bucks?

What I didn’t know was that you always receive a huge poster for every album you buy.

It was so much fun to get those home in one piece.


A beautiful view but unless you have a weakness for classical music don’t go to this coffee shop!


Dinner time before we headed back to our hostel!

It wasn’t our last time in Myeongdong rather the beginning! :’D

If you are interested I shall share some final pictures of our shopping hunt during the last week.

I might add another story of Myeongdong to this post later on but for now I got to go.



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