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Seoul Diaries: Gangnam Hallyu Festival 2013

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Our wake up call was at six am this morning. We quickly showered and jumped into the first train we were able to catch.

We reached Coex Mall in Gangnam around 8am and followed some fellow fans to the open venue behind the mall. We were met with at least 400 fans who had already started queueing since last night. Crazy bitches aish! ;P

So when we reached the end of the line we were shocked by the devotion/craziness of korean fans.

Still, we bought some coffee and food before making ourselves ‘comfortable’ on the stony asphalt. Didn’t do my butt any good to be honest.

The first five hours were spent by chatting, eating and cursing those damn saesang fans. One highlight was definitely that someone ordered pizza hut delivery so an Ahjussi on a motorbike was going through the different lines, asking who the fuck had ordered the damn pizza, another one was the overflowing convenience store!


Oh we also saw some fans running around with Infinite member face masks on (Woohyun, Sunggyu, Hoya and Dongwoo, if I recall it correctly). That was…random?

Anyways we finally started moving. Slowly, but everything was very well-organized and everyone stayed in line.


Around 2:30 we were moved again and the groups started rehearsing! Shinee was first and even though we couldn’t see them because we were freaking cockblocked by a damn tent, Jonghyun’s amazing voice reached us. (Dream girl, Sherlock, Tears)

Next to rehearse was EXO and the crowd went crazy, noise wise though Tami and I were flustered by Baekhyun’s porno voice as well. In live.

They rehearsed: Growl, 365 and Mama.

Next one was our dear Infinite! And Woohyun immediately spread his greasiness everywhere. They sang dorawa which was very unexpected, destiny, request and also unexpected , in the summer. They were already full of energy while waving and bouncing over the stage – well as much as I was able to see.

Bouncing dots, one with a perm – probably Sungyeol.

Now, while I am writing this we are still waiting for girl’s day to freaking rehearse so we can take our final positions!!!’ But there seems to be a delay. Oh joy. The fans behind us are freaks. The ones in front of us rather cute! However, our backs&legs are killing us and my bladder would like to meet a restroom soon!

And the security guys are back to sort us back into teams of two and rows.
Time Jump!
So after what felt like eternity we were finally moving again. In rows of two Tami and I clang onto each other while we walked through the security lines – stumbled and I almost broke my neck in the progress. Why do the security guards have to be so handsome?! Such a distraction ?!

To our surprise we ended up in section B almost right in front of the stage! Yay for no tent!

Next to us were some Japanese ladies who were only visiting Korea for the festival. Ok.
Since a lot of Asian girls are pretty short and the majority were high schoolers anyways – we had the perfect view on to the stage!

The last hour was dragging out like hell before some new comers warmed up the crowd! MIB was also there to perform! Lucky us!

Next was another commercial break and the crowd grew impatient for the first artist!

Lights out, EXO ON!

We did not expect Exo to be the first artist and the people behind us went crazy!

Well, the ones in the front as well but I could only feel the elbows and knees from the people behind me :’D


Hello Jongdae, feline as always.
They performed Wolf, Growl, Mama and 365 and it was worth every second of it! It felt so surreal to see them live right in front of us. So much perfection, is that even possible?


Unfortunately the performance and ment part ended too quickly…and they all hopped off stage again. Crazy beagle line didn’t stop moving/wiggling for a mere second!

Next on was Girls Day and lord they are sooo pretty! I need to download all of their songs they got out so far asap!

The fanboys were pushing and squishing us a lot during their performance. Alright guys.

Next to perform were Infinite who surprised us with SIX songs!!!

Destiny, Come back again, In the summer and Request, The Chaser and Man in Love!

I lost it when they sang ‘In the summer’ which is one of my favorite Infinite songs EVER!

Hoya was smiling and laughing the whole time and they really spread joy with the way they performed.
Even though Infinite is busy with their world tour at the moment, I’m happy that we got to see them!


Best timed shot ever, props to myself.


Next stage belonged to the MCs of the night: Suho, Baekhyun and Mr. Whose name I forgot.
Lord have mercy those two have such great humor and they are so handsome…!!!
They were announcing Shinee’s Comeback stage and we were swept of our feet by the shouts and screams of the Shawols surrounding us.

Shinee…especially Jonghyun and Taemin were way too sexy for our unprepared little souls! :’D

Taemin found himself some hormones. Lots of it.

I mean tight leather pants? And god have I missed Jonghyun’s&Onew’s mind blowing voices!

They performed a total of five songs: Sherlock, Dream Girl, Symptoms, Selene 6.23 and their new song for the first time ever: Everybody! Best beat and choreography EVER!



Especially Taemin spreading his legs like a willing hoe. Loved it!


They rocked the stage and the highlight came in the end when they invited EXO to join them!

Everyone loves Suho – swear to god. He is sooo tiny though next to Taemin. He should team up with Jonghyun haha!

D.O somehow had one of the white Captain hats Shinee were wearing which got snatched by Luhan though. Sneaky princess Lulu.

The concert ended way too fast but our fangirl hearts were overflowing with various emotions of the night.
I’d like to see more Exo&Shinee interaction in the future, pretty please SM?!


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