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Seoul Diaries Day 1 – 4

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Things that happened to us during our time in Korea:    


l. Idols everywhere to promote shit
2. failed to get money right after we arrived in Inchon —–> panick
3. Zombie Tama is the walking death due to tiredness l beautiful people everywhere (expecially coffee shop waitors)  


l.Strolling around hongdae at 5am since our jetlag woke us at around 3am. Thanks for that!        2. Drunken,swaying people everwhere
3. Ninja style me gets pictures of all the Idol commercial posters
4. Second coffee in Myoengdong
5. Kim fucking Myungsoo advertises a make up store called *Shara Shara* wtf
6. I still wanted to steal the paper doll sign of him and Tami keeps judging me (while flailing over all the Nature Rebublic Stores with EXO advertising) which only played the chinese version of growl/wolf (owner got taste)
 7. G-Dragon is advertising everything….
8. Myeongdong is SM biased! You either see Super Junior; TVXQ or EXO
9. Most of our money is spend on mint chocolate mocha!
10. We actually did some sight seeing as well
11. I fell in love with a shop called *hats on* fap fap fap ;  ma brother from another mother promotes awesome caps
12. Tami almost killed me for being a shoppaholic ⊙___⊙
13. We returned to the hostel after realizing that COEX mall was under construction
14…thought Kim Soohyun’s movie *secretely greatly* was a comedy/action movie…bullshit we ended up balling for the last 30 minutes!  


1. Anna, a girl from the US accompanied us to Itaewon which is known for a lot of foreigners
2. We were immediately hit on and stalked by two korean guys, not good looking – pity!
3. Then we climbed mount everest aka some residence and walked through little italy lol 4.Itaewon wasnt really as exciting as we thought it would be with all its kebap stands so we headed to Myeongdong again to eat….
5. Spicy cold noodles of horror, we kept eating because the pain came whenever we stopped, balling again, sweet bitter pain of numb tongues.
6. Next stop: CD store – we saw the sign but the store was no where to be found! Probably some hidden narnia closet door within the nature republic store!
7. Frustrated we paced down the street and suddenly we walked right into a CD/DVD/Merchandise store (almost paradiseeeeeee //throws money at shop owner)
8. After buying all the exo/infinite things that we wanted and receiving free posters – we left with a big loss of money but smiles of winners (⊙□⊙) /)) ♡
9. Holly’s coffee was our next destination, forgot my phone there, people discovered my identity as an exo stan whatever, loving my unicorn aka Lay background.
10. The day ended with a macha latte at starbucks to calm my nevers  


1. Planned: Lotte World HOWEVER seems like the whole population of korea had gathered there this morning, why dont those brats have school?!
2. Anyways we just bought some clothes and headed out to Dongdaemun for food and sightseeing. Lotte owner has a whole imperion, swear to god he has malls/duty free shops everywhere!
3. We ate bibimbap and just randomly walked around, passed russia and turkey before sitting down in a coffee shop
4. Afterwards we kept strolling around and stumbled over some historical old korean houses and we loved it there!
5. After passing wood and iron street, I had my first iced americano! Loved it! Only sweetened though hehehe
6. Scheming a plan against all the korean girls who stand between us and concert tickets for sunday – Tami’s iron ellbows and my high kick are no joke ladies – better know your place.

So this is only a short summary of our adventures so far! I’ll keep you guys posted ♡___♡


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