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Hello everyone~!

This post is especially dedicated to all my fellow adventures and japanese majors out there who are looking

for an ‘easy’, ‘financial possibility’ to spend up to 1 year in Japan.

Now, all I’m going to talk about from here onwards is based on my OWN experiences so please keep that in mind while reading.


First of all let me introduce to you the program that brought  me to Okinawa back in 2011:


Boobooski is an Australian organisation that has been  placing foreigners either in a hotel resort in Okinawa (summer program)

or at a Ski Resort in Hokkaido. The two of the main eligibility criteria are:

You should have at least 6 months of Japanese study experience and eligible for a japanese Working Holiday Visa.

You can apply directly at their homepage and they’ll be in contact with you asap.

Now, for everyone who is worrying about the expenses, here is the deal. You only have to pay for the flight tickets + bring some money for the first

months because you are getting PAID!

While I worked at Rizzan Sea Park Hotel I received around 70,o00 Yen a month which already included the accommodation fees.

 So you really have 70,000 Yen spending money each month!

(You are getting paid more during the winter program – so I heard. Approx. 120,000 Yen a month.)

I can’t express with words how much I learned while being in Okinawa. Definitely made some of the best friends in my life so far.

If you are interested to read about my experiences while working at Rizzan Sea Park Hotel you can find all my written entries below

as link:

  1. The adventure begins
  2. Welcome to paradise
  3. Work…Work..WORK!
  4. Japanese co workers
  5. Day off part 1
  6. Day off part 2
  7. Karaoke time with my lovely Roomates!
  8. Visiting my friends in Naha
  9. Staying fit
  10. Beach timeeeee!
  11. Sweet Potato Factory
  12. Daily life
  13. More of my daily life =)
  14. Morning Shift
  15. My trip to Nago
  16. Last day in Okinawa

The time I spent in Okinawa is something I’ll never forget – it was a wonderful experiences. Working was no joke though! lol


There are probably a lot of you thinking that you could also just give it a shot, fly to Tokyo and look for a job there…

Let me tell you that, that’s going to be more than difficult if you can’t write&read Kanji.

After I left Okinawa to look for a job by myself in Tokyo I was struggling a lot, which you can read about here:

  1. Arriving in Tokyo
  2. Job Hunting & first struggles
  3. Korea Town near Shinjuku
  4. Final Decision
  5. Final Clubbing

I don’t what to say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a job in Tokyo but it is a little bit difficult.

Living abroad is nevertheless one of the best experiences one can have. If you have the chance always take it!

If you have further questions, then feel free to leave a comment at this post and I will get back to you asap.

Much love!


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