A Panda in Wonderland ★





Are you getting on? Or not? Which will it be?



There are four types of human beings: The ones who never get into the wrong bus. The ones who only get into the wrong bus.

The ones who, when they find out they’ve got into the wrong bus, immediately change the bus. And the ones who carry on despite knowing they are in the wrong bus.


Honestly speaking I still don’t know which type I can identify myself with.


Either the one who got onto the wrong bus and immediately changes or the one who carries on despite knowing that I’m in the wrong bus.


If I’m in another country I always get on the bus/train which I think is right and even if it’s the wrong one, I don’t get off.

Aren’t you curious? To where this bus/train might take you?


If it comes to me – I want to know.


Where does this feeling of ‘wanting to know’ this curiosity come from?


 I never took any risk in the past and locked all my feelings up in order to not get hurt, but it changed.

今は違います。「虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず」でしょう?笑 傷ついてでも心を開いて歩きつづけますかぎり。

Now, even though I might get hurt – I’ll take the risk.


Up until now I have never failed even once. Everything I yearned for came to true after I worked hard for it.


So, even in the future – I’ll keep my head high despite what everyone else says.


Surely, there will be a day where I also will fail but even if that’s the case – I will get up again.


It’s the same with love, isn’t it? No matter how often you get hurt – you’ll continue wanting to fall in love.

Even the people who lost their way will eventually find their right path to walk on.


We, humans…are like that.


We are scared but we want to know. We don’t want to get hurt but give it a try. We don’t say anything but want someone else to recognize us.


Such a never-ending mystery.


Author: clumsypanda

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life.

2 thoughts on “不思議だね~?★

  1. Such a deep story I get curious too but only after a massive amount of panic and thinking all the worst possible things that could happen if I couldn’t get back lol. I like your version much better.

    • 🙂 i’m glad you do! It always starts out with fear/panic for everyone but surely it will change into curiosity at some point. Of course that differs from person to person. Thanks for reading my post dear. I really appreciate it 😉

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