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Top 5 Things to be aware of as a foreigner in Japan!


Good evening.

Since until now I have only been talking about everything bright and sunny in Japan today,

I wanted to share some things a foreigner should be aware of while traveling Japan.

1. Shinjuku&Roppongi at night

Roppongi and Shinjuku are well-known for their clubs, pubs and (host/hostess) bars.

Those spots can be a blast – no doubt but also very dangerous if you end up too drunk or if you aren’t fluent in japanese.

Ladies, I’m well aware that some japanese hosts look very delicious but always remember that they are getting paid for shit and you wont.

Especially if you can’t speak japanese – they can trick you off a lot of money.

A  guy who stayed at the same hostle as I, got robbed off  1 Man Yen (around 1.500$) one night by a japanese hooker in Shinjuku

because he was too drunk to realise what he was actually doing.

Know your alcohol limit! OR have a japanese friend come along who keeps an eye on you!

2. Racism

No matter where we go – especially some old people are still not too found of foreigners in THEIR country.

Don’t take it to heart and simply ignore it.

3. Last train leaves around  11:40 pm and the first one in the morning goes around 5:30am

…yeah! So all you can do is go out at midnight and party till the morning.

Taxi fees are expensive – always share!

4. Foreign girls hunter

This topic has been everywhere lately on japan related blogs written by girls.

I was quite amused/shocked that all of them had a similar experience like me.

Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi and Harajuku are the hot spots for japanese guys to hunt after foreign girls.

Their only goal is to get laid.

If you meet a guy and he asked you to go to Karaoke with him – DECLINE!

Karaoke boxes are cheaper than love hotels but are used for the same purpose.

Most of the time they try to get you drunk to sleep with you, so please girls, be aware of this.

5. Sexual harassment

Especially in overly crowded train – some men take will try to touch you inappropriately and

claim it to be accidentally. Never stay quite – speak up for yourself and let other people here you.

At night there will be an extra wagon for women, take that chance and be at peace.

I love Japan but from my experience it’s always good to be on one’s gard – especially as a girl.

That’s all for today!

Much love!


Author: clumsypanda

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Things to be aware of as a foreigner in Japan!

  1. Fascinating post! I guess I have never personally encountered any of the above (though I am street-savvy enough to see it happening). It’s good of you to write this up!! I should write one for Japanese tourists in London too!

    • Thank you dear! ❤

      Oh yea definitely do that!
      Even though I'm not a japanese tourist
      but I'd love to know about some secret, nice spots in London 😉

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