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Is it wrong to ask you to hold me once before you leave?

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For most of us the process of falling in love and marriage  is simple, find a person you like and hold on to him/her forever.

However, in some countries and religions some people are not free to choose who they marry.

Here is the story of my friend who’d like to receive some advice of everyone who reads this.

Being a normal college student, my friend walks down her path with her head hold high. After graduation she wants to

move to Japan to find work there. She is Japanese born and raised in the US who always felt the urge to live in Japan one day.

Right now she has a boyfriend with who she is happy together and who supports her in her decisions.

However, her family is part of the Unification Church

This religion still believes in ‘arranged marriage’ and my friend was introduced to a guy, currently living in Japan, by her father a few weeks ago.

Her dad only told her to ‘exchange emails’ with him since he might be a big help once she’ll move to Japan.

My friend has exchanged mails with him and showed most of them to me. Honestly speaking it all looks like a typical hook up to me.

It seems like my friend’s dad told him to take care of his daughter and since he is from the same religion, it is kind of obvious that my friend’s father is trying to play cupid here.

The fact that my friend already has a boyfriend is top-secret and right now she is having a hard time with deciding what to do.

On the one hand she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents on the other hand she wants to love freely.

That’s why she asked me to write about her situation on my blog.

So everyone who reads this, it would be great if you could leave a comment with your opinion on ‘arrange marriage’ and/or advice for my friend.




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One thought on “Is it wrong to ask you to hold me once before you leave?

  1. She needs to tell the father that she has a boyfriend. He probably only has the best intentions for her and is only trying to make her feel loved and happy.

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