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A sneek peak into LAWSON! (Convenience store) ★


I played Ninja today to get you these shots! ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ)

Usually it isn’t allowed to take pictures inside of LAWSON, Family Mart, 7Eleven and so on that’s why you should

be careful if you want to try it yourself. In my case, I know the area where I’m staying at atm pretty well and know which stores

aren’t paying that much attention to what’s happening around them.

ANYWAYS! Here is some of the yummy food you can find inside of the convenience stores in Japan:

You can find magazines in any conbini here in Japan and just read them while waiting for the bus, your friends etc…

This is my favorite corner: Coffee, Juice, BEVERAGES! I spent most of my money here. m(_ _;;m

Rice. Rice. Rice. Done in the microwave within a minute.

Plain rice is boring so here you have some nice toppings: Egg, Salmon, Chicken, Seaweed etc.

Convenience product for Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Chichimae and/or ingredients for cooking.

Onigiris (Rice balls)

The round colorful things are mochi. Really sweet but worth a try!

Now here comes the long-awaited desert corner (ノ°ο°)ノ

Japanese cheese cake is the BEST! You have to try it!

I shall not forget to buy those…PANDA!

I love to eat ice cream in Japan but that’s mostly because of the hot weather during summer!

And the diet corner:

If you see all this – I hope there are at least some of you wondering WHY japanese people are so skinny! I’d be gaining weight daily.

By the way – on some pictures you repeatedly see the price 105円. That’s not the standard price if you go to a regular LAWSON. Only in a 1oo円 LAWSON

everything will be this cheap. (like a 1 dollar shop – just for food)

Bonus Shot:

The first live-action movie that was actually VERY GOOD!!! I was impressed by how well it was produced. So, you should either buy it on DVD

or watch it online as soon as it is release…which might still take a while.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Talk to you soon my lovely people!


your favorite Ninja

ps. All pictures were taken with my IPHONE since my camera would have been too obvious…


Author: clumsypanda

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11 thoughts on “A sneek peak into LAWSON! (Convenience store) ★

  1. You should try 爽 (そう) ice cream and PAPIKO!!!!!

  2. I would buy everything! O.O

  3. Oh, this post made me so hungry…!

  4. Wow … does anyone cook in Japan anymore? 🙂

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