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This is a Harajuku ‘get’ post!

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Good morning from Japan!

How is everyone doing? I haven’t slept well in the past four days so I could be better.

Anyways, today I’ll take you on a little trip through Harajuku and show you one of the outfits I bought yesterday.


I really like the pink backpack of the school girl right in the front! So catchy for the eye.

If you don’t eat a delicious Crepe in Harajuku, you are missing out on something! You won’t find some of the variations and creations anywhere but here!

Lunch break at はなまるうどん (hanamaru udon), an excellent family restaurant who serves tasty Udon noodles in different variations.

She was so cute and I loved her outfit!

The accessorize that I bought! I have a small weakness for bows!

Top: Liz Lisa – 4.000¥

Skirt/pants: Regina – 2.000¥

It was a little bit expensive but all in all I regret nothing. Especially since I’m always buying clothes on sale so this one time I wanted

to buy me a brand new item from my favorite store. Don’t judge me! (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ

Today I’m headed for Ueno and for anyone who wants to make a special request: a.laes@arcor.de

Email me please! You still have 4 days to request anything you want me to review, talk about in relation to Japan/Tokyo.

Much love!


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