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Hey guys!

Time flies by so quickly if you are having fun…

I can’t believe that a whole week has almost passed since I came here! My love for Japan keeps growing,

there is always something to do and you get to meet so many awesome people.

Yesterday, I went to Shibuya to meet up with Megu but I arrived one hour earlier and decided to check out the ‘Liz Lisa’ New opening

event at Shibuya 109 ♥

The Liz Lisa staff were all wearing adorable dresses and this beautiful lady♥ invited me to participate in their special contest. Lucky me won an adorable keychain that normally costs around 3.000円!

Happily I strolled over to the popular Hachiko meeting point and waited for my friend who arrived shortly after.

Together we discovered a very delicious yet cheap Korean restaurant!

The waitor was really nice and took a picture of us!♥

I can only recommend this restaurant to anyone who is going to Tokyo and likes korean food.

Hardly slept in the past two days so i might try to take a nap now.

Keep it up everyone!



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