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Cute girls VS Strong girls

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Good evening my beautiful ladies and handsome man out there!

So today, I felt like talking about something ‘daily life’ related instead of fashion or Japan. It’s a topic that’s been kind of bothering me lately, to an extend where I even thought of doing a VLOG instead of a regular post. Tomorrow I’ll be heading over to Japan so I found it necessary to get this off my chest:

Why, are cute girls more popular than the cool/strong ones?

Why does the average of men prefer longer hair over short hair?

Who the hell came up with the great idea that only the cute, pretty girls need protection and love? And on top of that using that as a reason why they are more attractive than bold, incorruptible women.

Listen mastermind, if you would have ever dated a strong women you would know that especially that type of woman needs protection, support and love. Have you ever asked yourself why a woman becomes strong like that or prefers the tomboyish look over a girlish one? There are always reasons behind a person’s look but a lot of men won’t even bother approaching such a ‘woman’. They just throw her into one of those ‘Not interested’ categories and that’s it. It bothers me that outward appearance still cockblocks a lot of possible chances for a great relationship. How do you know that person isn’t your type if you haven’t even exchanged one word with another? Please don’t misunderstand, I’m well aware that there ARE men out there who find strong women very attractive but especially most of my hot asian men do not agree on that…yet. Long hair, fair skin, skinny and excellent manners. What century are we living in? I bet the Romans would have loved you. Too bad, that Caesar died a century ago. Bohoo.

I’ve met some very beautiful asian girls with short hair and I was shocked when they told me that they’ve never dated before. One told me she had a high position in her company and men wouldn’t date her because of that – ! I’m at loss of words.

If you’d see it from a supermarket perspective it would definitely make sense. Here you have a dozen of red tomatoes aka the pretty yet dumb girls on sale – on the other side you have papaya aka the smart girls who are very expensive and limited to get. Of course I’d buy the cheap tomatoes! I mean who wouldn’t?! However, mister, that’s not how it supposed to be in real life!

The whole problem with the cute, strong, cool, tomboyish and sexy girl – categories is that most men don’t realize that each of these characteristics are hidden in EVERY girl out there. One girl shows more of her cute features another more of her tomboyish ones – but once you get to know her – you’ll see so many different sides of her and maybe even realize that you have always been looking for that kind of girl.

Men who always whine about their bad luck with women and never lasting relationships should consider to go for another type of girl for a change then. Why always hitting on the same type, who will disappoint or dump you? Sweety, it’s time to move on to a new territory. The girls who are always sitting in the library, reading silently for hours, might be reading books filled with smut or action. Still waters run deep. Amen.

From the bottom of my heart, and that goes out to all men AND females – because I know we ain’t that much better when it comes to this topic:

Behind the outward appearance might hide a completely different person with a lot of things in common with you. Leave your old love path and stray of to the sides to explore what’s left and right of you.

Every girl wants protection, love and a guy who treats her nicely.

The strong ones just tend to hide it because in the past they were never allowed or able to show their weakness to anyone.


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