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Bad Skin? Korea will help all of you troubled ladies!




How has everybody been? My friend from Korea came to visit and gave me some lovely products that will safe my skin from turning into a complete disaster. Bad skin is one of the most annoying things in a girl’s life right next to staying in shape.

韓国の友だちからすごくいいアイテムを貰いました(^ε^)♪ これからこのものをおしょうかいしたいと思ういます。

First of all the “Natural Fresh Mask” . They have so many different ones!

In each package there is a sheet mask which you put on your face for about 20 minutes – 30 minutes.

I tried out the ‘Green Tea’ mask yesterday and was positive surprise how soft and smooth my skin felt the next morning. It smells really nice as well and helps your skin to relax over night.



Next I wanna introduce my new wash pack to you:

This product is amazing!

You just gently apply the cream to your skin and it will automatically turn into a soft foam that is clearing out all of your pores. The prickling feeling is really delightful!
After a few minutes you use cold water to wash it off and I was amazed how clean my pores were afterwards.


This essence will help to brighten up your skin and hydrate it. I just started to use it today so I can’t tell you about its effectively yet but I’ll keep you updated. your skin will feel a little bit sticky after you applied it.


These are the products I’m using as for now. The sheet mask and the wash off pack are the perfect deal to clear your skin of pimples and red spots.

What products are you using for your skin care?


Before I forget I cut my hair. Layers.

It feels and looks lighter than before. I like it!


That’s it for today. I’m pretty tired and I got a lot of things to do since I got accepted at my favorite university! Now I have to look for an apartment and move to Frankfurt. Two more weeks left until I’ll fly out to Japan. I love my life.



Author: clumsypanda

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3 thoughts on “Bad Skin? Korea will help all of you troubled ladies!

  1. I’ve heard such good things about Korean face masks! I really need to get my hands on some sometime!…somehow. lol. My skin isn’t too bad, but it could always be better (^__^)v

  2. Nice! Must try I guess. I mostly use Etude House though but if I’d get one of these, I’d try. 🙂

    Found you from Bloggers. Follow each other? 🙂

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