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What being abroad has taught me.

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I have been traveling around the world since I’m a little child that’s probably why I can’t understand people who never want to leave their own country. Following the motto: ‘Born here, live here, die here!’ – which obviously sounds like a nightmare to me. The longest period I spent abroad was in the USA for one year as an exchange student. I met wonderful people and fell in love with the english language. Being all by yourself in a foreign country helps you to grow up and find your own way. It’s a challenge but filled with great surprises, precious new friendships and memories. As for me I never felt at home again in Germany after I returned. Especially my own language made me want to leave as soon as possible again.

When I headed to Japan last year for six month – I seriously didn’t want to leave there anymore. If someone would have offered me a secure job I’d have stayed in Japan without regret. New cultures, lifestyles and languages made me the person who I am. That’s why I wish that everyone in our world had the opportunity and possibility to spend some time abroad.

If you open yourself for the world it will welcome you with open arms. A closed mind won’t take you anywhere.

Many bloggers are travelers so I hope that you share my thoughts on this topic. Sharing your own culture or exploring a new one is one of the biggest enrichment in life. For me, I want to leave Germany for good after I graduate. I won’t stay here because my heart belongs out there. Maybe Japan, Korea, Hawaii or the USA. One of those places where I can discover a yet unknown part of me. A new adventure with new friends and experiences. I’m looking forward to it!

Shout out to all word travelers! I hope we will meet someday and you’ll share your story with me!


Author: clumsypanda

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