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Takayama – Where old traditions are still alive! (Part 2)

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Woken up by Japan’s humid heat and the sound of barefoot steps outside of our room, we decided that it was time to get our adventure bags packed and leave for some sightseeing. The bus ride appeared shorter than the day before – probably because we were distracted by the overwhelming nature we passed by.

The rice fields looked  so beautiful in the morning sun. Especially when you come from a big city like Tokyo you will notice the ease and comfort of the countryside. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it.

Back in the city we  heard about a market that was located near the city river where fruits, vegetables and handmade bowls were sold. When the information sunk in my mum dragged us along – well, it was worth it though.

Again, I have to point out the kindness and warm-hearted souls of japanese people (especially in small towns&kansai) who were showing us around and greeting us with a big smile. My dad even received a bowl for free because the grandma thought of him as a ‘handsome’ man to that time. Yeah…right.

Next stop was the traditional shopping street of Takayama. With very old buildings and shops. I can only recommend that street to everyone who is interested in architecture, art and japanese history/culture majors.

We visited a few potteries stores, liquor and souvenir shops. We even ran into a small Disney shop on our way – but hey, didn’t surprise me. It’s Japan after all.

After about an hour we decided to sit down for a few minutes since we had been walking around the whole morning and rainy, cold Germans aren’t used to Japan’s humid weather.

This is the backside of the adorable cafe we stayed at. Delicious coffee, ice cream, cold drinks and cake. Also small snacks for the weird people who don’t like sweets. (I’ll never understand how you can dislike ALL kind of sweets…especially in Japan!)

…I LOVE japanese/asian children! They are so adorable with their big puppy eyes while they messily eat their ice cream or look at you to get you to buy them something. They always cast a spell over me. Adding on they don’t cry as much as caucasian kids.

Continuing our way down the street we finally arrived at the temple we had planned to visit.

Beautiful temple though the signs that were supposed to give us direction didn’t really help us back then. Even today I’d still have problems with reading all the Kanji. Guess, I still have a long way to go until I can proudly say, ‘Calm down bitches, I got this.’

Another few breath taking shrines, we crossed while strolling through the narrowed alleys and streets. Slowly the fading sun was announcing the evening and on top of that our stomaches were throwing the mess because of all the walking and little food input. What can we do? Stop for dinner at a nice restaurant of course.

Unable tor read the menu we decided to go with the stores’ recommendation'( お勧め). I have to admit at first we always found ourselves crossing fingers and praying that we didn’t order anything ‘weird’. However, we were never disappointed and the meal was heavenly!

About the next picture – I just found it again recently and dear lord was I embarrassed.

apparently, (clears throat) my sister and I considered that guy as kind of ‘hot’ so we urged our father to snap a shot of him. My dad, not having a choice because of his terrifying daughter’s took the ninja picture and now every time I see it – I feel like hiding under the table. Sorry random guy, forgive naive foreign girls.

That’s actually how this short trip ended. We took the late train and continued to Kyoto. I hope the post has awoken the interest of some of you guys to visit Takayama.

Much love.


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