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Last Friday night – we danced on table tops!

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Mixing lights. Loud music blasting from the speakers. Dancing bodies rubbing against each other. The smell of alcohol mixed with sweat and sex. Lust, fun, Sexyness and no sleep. That’s how my last night out in Tokyo felt like. Don’t get me wrong – I did all of the following in a SOBER state.

Somehow you always meet the most awesome people during your last week or on a short 4 month trip like that one. God I love Australians&Irish. Sexy, Dark humor and total party animals.

Together with Danica I went to New Lex and Vanity in Roppongi on my last night off. We were lucky and got in for free in both clubs. Great music and sexy ass men to dance with. I had a blast. Vanity is a club located on the 13th floor of a building with huge windows giving you a mind-blowing view over the never sleeping city while you dance.

My friend went home with a gold ‘bling bling’ ring she received from a wasted japanese guy who randomly proposed to her. Be aware – japanese guys in a drunken state will hump your leg!

I got some shiny bunny ears which would be considered ‘slutty’ in germany but in japan something like that is ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’. I don’t even.

Yea…I do look kind of out of it but I promise I wasn’t drunk! Note that this shot was taken at around 5 am…with some random guys. We took the first train home and passed out as soon as we felt our soft bed under us. Woke up still completely dressed. Lovely smell of cigarettes and sweat. Ew. The shower felt like HEAVEN!

Spent my last day with my friend Tian and we went shopping in Shibuya for one last time. Ended up buying a new jacket&scarf in a second-hand store which is included in ‘BOOK OFF’. Hit it up if you are there!

Also found the time to went to Ebisu. Beautiful place but expensive!

If you find the time – it’s worth a look!

Had Okonomiyaki with my friend Yusuke before slowly packing and saying ‘goodbye’ to my remaining family at the hostel. I hate goodbyes. Even though I’ll be back – some of those people I might never see again…however I’ll try!

Japan/Tokyo is my ‘home’. The one place I’ll always return to. So going home now might be hard but the knowing that I’ll  be back soon makes everything easier. I’ll be rising again like a skyscraper!

My flight back home was alright. Fell asleep next to a hot chinese guy. Nice person. Even carried my luggage. He is a gentleman.

My parents are spoiling me – they are obviously happy that I’m back. Germany is way to cold. Already applied for a new job and having an interview scheduled for tomorrow. Cross your fingers. I need money for my next trip: Seoul&Tokyo!

Blasting TOP&GD’s album all day – totally loving this combi. Korean men are smexy.

Alright time to get some sleep. Listening to some random german song from downstairs but

’cause I’ll be kissing my sheets now anyways.



Author: clumsypanda

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life.

One thought on “Last Friday night – we danced on table tops!

  1. Sounds like so much fun!
    I have blinky bunny ears too, cause I find them cute XD

    My next trip will be Tokyo&Seoul too, well, after my Paris short trip 😀

    It’s a bit sad that you “had to” come back way earlier than planned, but sometimes you just have to.

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