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Sleepless nights in Tokyo.

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4 am in a little hostel in Shinjuku/Tokyo. Bored I listen to the stirring of the vending machine while I keep sipping on my apple juice which was supposed to be strawberry milk. A look outside assures me that the rest of the city is either out partying, crawling over the pavement completely wasted or asleep.

Listening to a korean acoustic song reminds me of the fact that I’ll be flying home in about five days. No job, personal incidents and the realisation that it is much easier to come back via a university exchange year made me book my flight back to cold, old germany. Sad but true. My Tokyo dream will end on Monday.

Memories of the past four months cross my mind while I lean back on that ripped but very comfortable couch at the ninth floor. Will I’ll be able to just leave behind everything I grew to love within the past four-month? Probably not. I’ll be crying like a little baby on the flight. However, there a lot of precious people for me waiting at ‘home’. Family&Friends without who I wouldn’t be here today. Tokyo will have me back soon enough for now it’s time to work my butt of in university. For the sake of living in Japan in the future.

Met a very nice german guy on Monday. He is like the male version of myself besides the fact that he has achieved basically everything I dream of. Fluent in Japanese (writing&speaking), has a well paid job, own apartment and amazing friends. Going to try to follow in his foot prints. It’s a shame that I couldn’t spend more time with him. There is so much more I could have learnt from him. Oh well, going to see him on TV soon.

Today I went to Ikebukero again to meet up with one of my friends for the last time. Had some coffee before she dragged me into one of those glittery, shiny game centers to take purikuras. The first one’s were fine:

For the next shot however, my friend insisted of doing some cosplay since it didn’t cost any money. Well, ‘for the hell of it – since I’m leaving anyways’ was the thought that made me accept my faith.

…yea. Let’s just leave it like this. No further comment on that topic needed. My senpai really wants me to work in a maid cafe now. キモイ!

By the way, I’m pretty surprised how many people are actually reading this nonsense, self-centered blog. Kinda scary as well. Thanks anyways!

Waiting for the sunrise now – today is going to be a lazy day. Sleep. Eat. Go out to visit a shrine close by. Sleep. Eat.Perfect! Friday through Saturday will be a big party so I better charge my battery for it and stop munching in chips at 4:30 am.


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