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…after midnight – we go downtown!

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The day before yesterday I had a wonderful Shibuya date with my long time friend Tian who is currently studying one year abroad in Tokyo. The picture above was taken from Starbucks (1st floor) and officially not allowed to be taken – as if I’d listen.

We met in front of Harajuku and moved on to Doutor where we enjoyed a Honey&Maron Latte before loosing ourselves in random girls talk. It is nice to meet a friend even after a long time neither speaking nor talking to that person but realizing that nothing has changed when it comes to your friendship.

Afterwards we ended up in one of the magical arcades of  Tokyo, main goal: Purikuras!

I’m gonna miss those glittery photo booths! With the random music playing in the background that makes you wanna kill the speaker with a hammer.

Tian introduced me to a magical/addictive drink: Bubble Tea!

This could probably turn into my next addiction – just great! As if I wouldn’t already spent enough money on coffee – orz! Our date ended at Starbucks where I tried the Toffee Nut Latte and it was love at first sight //sigh – seems like all I need is coffee/Bubble Tea instead of peen. That’s just sad.

Parting we promised to hang out soon again to go for a Karaoke night out and knowing my dear chinese power bundle it will be a blast!

The next day I ended up strolling through Shinjuku with a friend of mine from Australia and somehow we stumbled into ‘Little Korea’!

….yeah! I really didn’t know what I had run into at first but when I saw the faces of all those Kpop stars popping up right in front of me it wasn’t hard to guess anymore. We ended up going in every store just out of curiosity what those were selling and I was amused that those stores are pretty much like those you find in Harajuku – just for Johnny’s merchandise. they even had a cafe with – no hold your glasses – REAL Korean waiters! Wow. Old ladies be happy. Not even kidding most of the customers I saw there were at least over 4o years old. I don’t even.

Somehow my friend and I got separated. (To be more precise that fucking cunt got lost and made me wait for nothing one hour in the cold. Dick.) So I got myself some Onigiri before wandering off into the direction in which I assumed my hostel lied. After about an hour I arrived with a cup of Häagen Dazs ice cream in a white plastic bag waiting to be eaten. Delicious.

Today, I’m going out shopping in Shibuya – need new clothes since it’s getting even colder. I hate cold.

My camera is going to accompany so wait for new shots! Peace (○^ω^)


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