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All my life I’ve been good but now…thinking ‘what the hell’?!

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…why should I always do what people expect or want me to do? Over the years I realized that listening to people, especially parents, uncles or sometimes even friends won’t bring you any further BECAUSE most of the time you know better than anyone else what to do.

Coming to Tokyo all alone is a challenge even for someone like me who has been traveling around all her life. Sparkling lights. A city bathed in so many different colors, seducing you with delicious scents of food on the sidewalks – that makes you want to spend heaps of money on food. Fashion stores that lure you in with interesting cuts and patterns – outfits which you would never find in any german stores. What i want to say is that your wallet is bleeding as soon as you get in this high-tech metropolis.

Being in Japan not as a tourist but as someone who looks for a secure job made me see all the flaws of japanese society. Not that germany doesn’t have any but Japan’s flaws are extreme! Only yesterday there was a demonstration against Koreans living in Japan. Apparently some of the japanese citizens are annoyed by all the Kpop artist selling their music in Japan and growing more popular than japanese artists. Well, dear Japan how about creating some more decent music again instead of complaining. Japan is still very racist – at least the older generation. I do not like that.

Yesterday Jeff, a friend of mine from Hawaii came to Tokyo for the last time before he goes back to Hawaii so he invited me and all his other friends for lunch. It was a lot of fun and he ended up giving me his bike until he comes back. Sweet ass! Saves me the money for all the freaking train rides.

Biking in Tokyo is fun but dangerous. Always take a map with you and duh don’t be such a smart ass thinking you could find the way by heart like me. I got lost and drove around in circles not only once! (For example started in Shibuya, wanted to return to my hotel in Shinjuku and ended up in Shibuya again after an hour! Still, have no idea how I managed to drive around in a big circle!) Always found my destination in the end but yea it took me a while. Good exercise. Good way to put yourself to sleep. Best way to save money. Do it!

Right now I’m staying at Ace Inn, a very nice hostle in Shinjuku. It is my second time and if you want to meet interesting&funny people crash there for a few weeks.

Last picture shows the view from the 10th floor.

I was surprised to meet Marina and Shizuka again. Lisa and I met them last year while clubbing – nice girls. Funny and opened minded unlike a lot of other japanese women. Job hunting is difficult – as expected when you can’t read kanji. Got a job interview at UniQlo on Thursday. Cross your fingers. Being in Tokyo without money ain’t fun so I want a job asap!

Found that awesome painting while strolling through the streets of Akihabara while escaping from all the ‘maids’ that want to lure every male (or female) into one of their cáfes. Ew.

What else is there to talk about? Caught a little cold and trying to get rid of it by drinking heaps of tea.  Also trying to get a little bit more sleep/rest.

Alina multi tasking. Skyping, chatting, watching a concert. The luxury of having two laptops ;P Ok, to lay it on the line – the left one isn’t mine – Jeff left it here for me or Yusuke to sell it. However, my DVD player died on me so I just used it for once~

Tomorrow I meet up with my friend Tian who is also from Germany and currently spending a semester abroad via her university.

So I should probably call it a night. Kill the lights and hope the couple in the bed across from mine stops making out for everyone to see. Get a room for god’s sake.



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