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…Tokyo – I’m going in!

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Believe it or not but I finally made it to Tokyo – in one piece! Which is surprisingly considering that I had to carry two freaking suitcases and one laptop bag all by myself. However, that’s my own fault so I shouldn’t whine about it. Still, it was a pain in the ass!
Luckily I met this really nice couple at Haneda airport who accompanied me all the way to Shinjuku. The husband even carried one of my suitcases for me. Lovely!

The train ride from Shinjuku to my friend Mari’s place was way more adventures though. Thank god, I’m carrying a cell phone otherwise the two of us would have missed each other.
By the way…compared to Okinawa, Tokyo is freaking cold!!! I seriously have to be careful to not catch a cold over here.
Mari’s place was close to the train station so I didn’t have to suffer for too long with all my luggage.

Due the flight I was pretty beaten so we just ended up talking a bit before heading to bed.
The next day we left around 10 am and headed for our first destination: Harajuku. She introduced me to her boss who owns a clothing store there and I’m supposed to come in on Saturday for a few hours so that he can see if I’m suitable for that job or not.

Us – being creepers while walking through the streets lol!

Next stop was Roppongi. I previously looked up famous German restaurants in Tokyo and found “Zum Einhorn” . The owner was really kind and also invited me to work on Saturday at 4pm until 11pm testing if I’m able to perform the job as a waitress at his restaurant.

Already in high spirits about finding two possible jobs Mari and I stopped at Kentucky fried chicken and had lunch together. (That place has really good, cheap! Ice coffee as well!!) Afterwards Mari had to leave since she was meeting her friend in Yokohama around 3pm. I had to kill time until 11pm so I started off in Shibuya again. Went to book off (bought a DVD), then somehow ended up in Harajuku again where I bought a light jacket and a red scarf! (girl who loves Tokyo fashion)

At 5pm I met up with Yuki. A 25-year-old salary man and good friend of mine. He treated me for coffee at that very nice Cáfe in Shibuya and we ended up talking for one and a half hour.

Poor guy had to take purikura with me afterwards which was kind of funny since he is really tall for a Japanese guy so he had to bent his knees to fit into the picture (laughs).

Unfortunately he still had to return to work that evening so I accompanied him to his company in Roppongi. After he left I just randomly strolled through the narrowed streets and ended up asking for another working position at Starbucks. Interview date: Friday the 4th at 6pm. Another chance! Besides, I always wanted to work at Starbucks so thumbs up for the opportunity.
Continuing I ran into another German restaurant. (Bernd’s Bar) to which owner I also had written an email (but had forgotten about it). So when I entered the restaurant the guy recognized me and pulled me into a tight hug. (lol) He really wants a German girl this time to work at his restaurant so he basically told me that when I want that job – I’ll get that job. He is paying 1000Yen and hour and also takes care of the transportation fees. So if the interview on Friday is also position and I’m getting the position I will turn down the Harajuku & other German restaurant position. I would have never thought that I’d work in a German restaurant in Tokyo but hey! The monthly pay is high AND I love the people there already. Rico, is Korean who was born in Germany and whose mother is from Argentina. Confusing but such a funny guy. Bernd (the owner) invited me for two free drinks and kept telling me that he always wanted a daughter like me. He is like a father already lol. On the same evening I also met Fabian – he is only 25 years old but already works at a Japanese company that takes care of foreign immigration issues.
Probably having lunch with him on Saturday!

The day was a total success and Mari was surprised how much I got down within only one day.

Today I met up with Yota, also a Korean friend of mine who I met last year in Tokyo. He also invited me for coffee (Asian guys are so sweet!) and we talked about his current university project. Yota is probably going to Russia next year as an exchange student at a Russian university, brave man!

Now, I’m back on my own. Sitting in a little coffee shop in Ichikawa (Chiba ken) and waiting for my dear Fumi to come and pick me up…in about two hours!
I can’t wait to start working – so that I’m able to leave my friend’s place and move into my own apartment. Until then, I’ll keep you updated!



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