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OKinawa – last chapter.

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Wow, it’s been three months since I arrived in Okinawa. Time really is going by fast if you do nothing besides working&partying. Even though my job was hard and there were times where I just wanted to get on the next airplane home – I do not regret meeting all those wonderful people I’ve met here.

Everyone at Rizzan…my co workers, my lovely foreigners at the dorms and everyone at CamCam Hostle. It’s been tough. みんなお疲れ~!

Yesterday I returned my locker key and other belongings to the hotel and went upstairs to the enkaijo to say goodbye to everyone. However, they were in the middle of a wedding ceremony so i wasnt able to see all of them. Instead of hugging them I wrote them a letter before taking off.

I was surprised that by the time when I arrived at CamCam my friend Azusa called me to tell me that she would come to Naha after work since she wasn’t able to see me earlier. I can’t put in words how much that meant to me.

She drove 2HOURS! all the way from Onna son to Naha to see me and give me a present she made herself:

I never received a wonderful present like this before. She really put a lot of effort into it and I will treasure it with all my mind! We went to Partyland and ate frozen yoghurt before taking Purikura together.

She is probably one of the best friends I made here and she promised to see me in Tokyo&Germany. I’ll wait for her w

Back in CamCam everyone was preparing for the Halloween party the next day. It’s amazing how everyone remembers me no matter how long they haven’t seen me. They are just like my japanese version family.

Those two woman are so sweet and like my older sisters. Received presents from both of them.

My cute little sister Aya ❤ Ignore my tired face – it was only 10:30 AM and I slept for about three hours lol

Had my morning coffee at Starbucks with Yusuke and Mako chan! Got a Venti size coffee for free since I participated in a survey! やった!!!

Moving on with my Aho family. I really love every single one of those idiots!

Nao chan writing me a message – can’t wait to read what everyone wrote during my flight. I’ll definitely end up crying ;P

One more hour until I’ll head to the airport – lucky me is being accompanied by Yusuke so I don’t have to carry all of my heavy luggage by myself.

Okinawa – you’ve been a pain in the ass but I made a lot of good memories here and I’m thankful for all the people I met.



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