A Panda in Wonderland ★

Alina in Wonderland!

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After eating delicious sushi, watching the movie ‘Drop’ and staying over my friends Narumi’s house in Urumashi the two of us went on our ‘You’re beautiful’ drama scene hunting today //laughs WHICH WASN’T MY IDEA! Asian girls can be kind of creepy when they are obsessed with someone. In my senpai’s case Mr. Jang Geun Suk.

Since I wanted to go to the Aquarium anyways, I tagged along and to be honest I was kind of curious to see the different shooting locations with my own eyes as well.

So our first stop was the Aquarium – which was indeed AMAZING! I’ve never seen fish as big as in there!!!

We had the best weather one can have and the octopus right in front of the entrance was just too adorable to ignore.

…HUGE FISH! You don’t really realize how big they are until you stand right in front of the glass!

I also had the pleasure to meet the whole ‘Nemo’ family during my trip:

The turtle was the best part of the family! So gracious and beautiful in the light of the water!!!Our next VIP on the list: Good old flipper!

Geez, that dolphin was so adorable AND SMART! He would always come to the little window

and peek at us – even rubbing against the glass to greet us.

Our next spot was the ‘Tropical Dream Center’ the most beautiful place I’ve been to so far in my life and also the location for this scene of ‘You’re beautiful’:

I really fell in love with that magical place which was filled with beautiful flowers and butterflies everywhere! For a moment in time I indeed felt like Alice in Wonderland – though I missed the white bunny…

In the end both of us had trouble to leave but our stomaches reminded us with a not so gentle grumbling that it was lunch time so we hit the road again. After our little sit in at family markt we moved on to our final destination: The KAriyushi Ocean Beach Resort in Onna Son. Shooting location for this beautiful scene:

If I would be able to I’d love to get married in this church. It’s so pretty! Thanks to one of our co workers who is not only working at Rizzan Sea Park hotel but also the Kariyushi one we were able to enter the chapel and he even took us to the other locations that were shot at the hotel. In the end he even paid for our cake&coffee set which was worth 1.000Yen each. Lucky bitches!

That resort is honestly spoken way luxury and prettier than Rizzan is – just saying. Narumi and I don’t really feel motivated to return to work tomorrow.

However, only seven more days of work left until I’ll FINALLY head over to Tokyo. Night life, civilization, Starbucks – here I come!


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