A Panda in Wonderland ★

…4 years later and he finally realized that he loves her as well!

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If I’d be Oh Ha Ni – I would have given up on that cold, emotionless jerk right away…though considering how fine he is…

However after 14 episodes of pure torture I finally got my kissing scene in the rain!!! //throws confetti Took them long enough for god’s sake! However, not gonna lie it was totally worth waiting.

//sighs –  the ‘good for nothing’ girl gets her ‘good at everything’ knight in white in the end. UNREALISTIC! He could have had that sexy model like girl but chose the small, cute one instead? MY ASS! As if that would ever happen in real life! Stupid korean dramas stop raising my hopes! Dreams stay dreams.

Hae Ra – the girl he could have dated. (she is soooo pretty AND smart!) Ok, confession: I kind of shipped them together!

and that’s the girl he chose over her:

…seriously that kind of selection is only possible in dramas!!! Though she is kind of cute…

…what about my prince charming D:< ?!

I might die while waiting…

Conclusion: Even dorky, stupid girls can hook up with Mr. Right.

(That’s at least what they want yout to believe!)


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