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It’s not a secret along my friend that I love the color red. My bag is red, my shoes are red, most of my effin clothes are red because I cant help but love that freaking color!

So yesterday I went to the laundry room at my work to pick up my cleaned uniform and the laundry lady was eyeing me intensely saying: ( アンちゃんー本当に赤好きだよね~!An chan really likes red, huh?

I cracked a smile and showed her my red shoes, nodding proudly like a 5 – year old kid. The laundry lady continued though: (アア!赤西も好きだよね!だからそんなに赤が好きでしょう?!なるほど。。。) Ah! You also like Akanish Jin (Aka = red)! That’s why you love red so much! Now it makes all sense to me….

…あれ?It doesn’t really make sense to me but it cracked me up for sure!

Not going to hide the fact that I love Akanishi Jin or rather his voice. For all the haters out there: That man has a good voice – let him jam with Jason Derulo if it makes him happy.

全米シングル「TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO」
1.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (7th Heaven Mix)
2.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (Main Mix)
3.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (Funky Stepz Mix)
4.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (Static Revenger Dub)

日本盤ミニ・アルバム『TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO』
初回限定盤(CD+DVD) WPZR-304333/4 ¥1,680(税込)
1.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (7th Heaven Mix)
2.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (Main Mix)
3.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (Funky Stepz Mix)
4.MY MP3
通常盤(1CD) WPCR-14366 ¥1,260(税込)
1.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (7th Heaven Mix)
2.TEST DRIVE featuring. JASON DERULO(Main Mix)
3.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO(Static Revenger Mix Show Edit)
4.MY MP3

…needless to say I’m going to buy that shit. It’s featuring Jason Derulo…I LOVE Jason DERULOOOO! His new album “Don’t wanna go home” is pretty cool not to mention the epic music video. Nice production sir. Adding on that Stereotypes also worked on the album….HELLO! They worked on Far East Movements album – it has to be good!

Enough promotion…

My life has been pretty shitty lately. My work at the banquet hall is killing me but I can proudly announce that today is my last NIGHT SHIFT! Hell yea that girl here is changing to the morning shift (6 am to 2pm)

With that change I’m also trying to get a lifestyle change which I desperately need. Frustration and depression have taken over my life. Two factors that cost me a lot over the last month. Time for a new start //draws a line

Went out for dinner with Naru senpai – who looks like 20 not 30!!! Damn you asian women and your everlasting youth!!! I saw a huge Chopper stuffed animal…which I really want //Sigh I’ll never grow up!!!

…three more days until I’ll buy my new Ipod! WOOT! Saved up money for the sake of a new one since my old one is slowly dying on me. electronical things hate me.

Only three more weeks left until Tokyo – FTW! I had enough of this island. After all I’m a city girl and not a countryside/beach one.

Alright guess it’s time to hit the shower and get dressed for work. Only had about two hours of sleep since stupid me agreed to go out drinking&karaoke until 6am with her friend…yea…

Let me finish this blog with a shout out to my superior at work:


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