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Hisashiburi da ne…

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of down which is why I didn’t post a new blog until now. However reading my friends blog got me back on track so I’m back.

Let’s see, I bought a lot of stuff in the past few weeks…

From new clothes – over a Nintendo DS 3D – to Mangas //sigh I shouldnt waste so much money over here especially not on books since they are freaking heavy!!! But my roommate just gave me her old suitcase which she doesn’t need anymore – sweet.

Speaking of my roommates….two have already left. It’s way too quite and lonely without my Irish&Canadian girl around. Celina (my lovely Australian chic) is leaving on the 3rd…I’m going to bawl my eyes out!!!

Luckily my Japanese friend is moving in for the next months and we have big plans for the rest of my stay: Clubbing, Shopping, Sight Seeing & Nice Dining! Sounds like the last month will be more entertaining than the already past once.

Finally found the time for Starbucks again! Hot Caramel Macchiato for breakfast – totally made my day!

Aki (my japanese friend) drove me to a bookstore where I bought the novel “The girl who leapt through time” by Yasuka Tsutsui and so far I’m loving it! Very well written and interesting storyline.

My new work section is even worse than the previous one! The enkaijo (banquette hall) hosts special events&dining for weddings, field trips and company celebrations. Only yesterday we had eight busses packed with high school students arriving at Rizzan!!! and all of them needed to be fed – for god’s sake! Eight hours on heels, constantly moving around and carrying heavy stuff – I’m superman after my job is done here.

Tomorrow or the day after I might write a review on the movie “High school debut” which I watched recently.




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