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…tonight yea baby

Tonight, yeah baby
Who does it hurt if everybody knows my name tonight
Alright, alright

It’s hard to feel the rush
To rush the dangerous
I’m gonna run right to, to the edge with you
Where we can both fall in love

I’m on The Edge of Glory,
And I’m hanging on a moment of truth,
Out on The Edge of Glory,
And I’m hanging on a moment with you,
I’m on the edge…

The edge…

Sweet Jezuz I am so in love with that song!!! And whose fault is that? The one of a certain drama I’ve been watching in the past few days recommended by my best friend, called “Jiu” and starring my girlcrush (&sexiest, finest lady on earth) Kuroki Meisa!!!

The plot is basically consisting of a blond korean psycho killer running around in Tokyo and killing people very violently while sexy Meisa is kicking some ass. However, a spanish dude with a huge nose might join the party very soon. Stay out of my drama Shirota Yuu for god’s sake!

Moving on – I wasn’t dead just sick and covered in work for the past week – that’s why I haven’t updated my blog at all. Not to mention that nothing big happened.

I basically fainted because of a heat rush and took off an extra day from work to recover. However, here is the funny part now so listen closely!!! Dumbass Alina offered to come in on her next day off to make up for the other night resulting in 7 long days of work without a break. Thanks to myself.

Finally the day of freedom arrived and I went to American village with my roommates to have a Starbucks breakfast before they had to return for work.

Guess what? They have a new creation called: Apple Crumble!!!

…nevertheless I stuck to my hot Matcha Latte~!

My beautiful ladies and my friend’s (Eliza’s) daughter, she is such a cute little princess (with a lot of energy though!!!)

After my friends left Eliza, her daughter and I went to a department store to do some shopping. I bought a nice dress and some new shoes on sale. So unsurprisingly I was a happy bunny by the time we headed out. OH STOP! Before that we had another Starbucks sit con and I finally tried the new flavor!

Apple, Cinnamon, Coffee and apple crumble = LOVE ( ̄ε ̄@)ぶっちゅ~

Trust me, you wanna try that one! And before you tell me to stfu – Starbucks talk is always relevant!

Next up i took my friend to the sweet potato factory and it was fun to watch her little girl eat all the samples she could find! Thank god for her being foreign and being loved by all the japanese staff we crossed the path with.

Ate some Kakigori again – in love with that shit.

The evening was…let’s they quiet unexpected. I went to my restaurant together with a guy I work with and all the people at my workplace thought we would be an item now…funny Japan.

Don’t know how I managed to talk so deeply in japanese and even be understood by my conversation partner so I gave myself some invisible back slapping as credit.

Did  I mention that I finally booked my flight to Tokyo? Hell to the yea! 7:20 pm on the 31st of October I’ll be arriving in heaven and rocking the city for 3 – 4 months. So.Excited.

Okinawa is beautiful but I prefer a busy city over a beautiful beach every day.

On the 6th we probably have another Karaoke night out until then it’s just work //sigh

Here is a list of songs I’m addicted to lately. Most of you probably don’t care but don’t worry it’s more for myself to look back and remember later on then for my readers anyways.( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞへへ~♪

Lady Gaga – On the edge of glory (stunner there)
Kiss my ft2 – Everybody go
Ne yo – Give me everything
Good Charlotte – Boys and Girls
Selena Gomez – Who says (Jenni’s fault //points finger)
Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Hearts (also Jenni’s fault)
Rihanna feat Eminem – Love the way you lie
Miura Daichi – Turn off the lights + Possibility feat BoA
One Direction – What makes you beautiful
Jason Derulo – It Girl
One Republic – (Say) All I need
JYJ – Found you (Hazel’s fault)
Bruno Mars – Lazy Song
KAT-TUN – Diamond
Demi Lovato – Skyscraper
Nice Guys – Nigahiga

Yea most of the songs are played 24/7 by my roommates so I can’t help it but fall for them as well. Pitiful me.

Let me finish my blog with the happy ending story of four desperate roommates in Okinawa whose prayers have finally been heart: WE GOT A STOVE!!!

Though…Hazel and Jenny were determined to blow up the whole apartment by “accidentally” turning it one while carrying it. Freakin idiots gave me a heart attack!

2:40 am and I have to be up at 9:3o to go to a 100 Yen store. Wish me good luck.

Nite!ヾ( ̄〓 ̄ヾ)ちゅ~~~♪



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