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Sweet Potato Factory and biking at night adventure aka “Mission Impossible”



…the title for this blog is a little bit too long but I couldn’t find a shorter way to sum it up //shrugs

On Monday my friend Celina and I went to the sweet potato factory together by bike. It took us about half an hour to get there but it was definitely worth it!

Right after we arrived I creeped up on three girls who were currently taking pictures of each other. Clever me offered them to take a picture of all of them – only to receive the same treatment right afterwards!(v`▽´)v

We’re totally working the purple!

Moving on – inside of the factory they had FREE samples.


For people who are always short on money (’cause we’re getting paid shit here) it’s kind of like paradise.

The purple goddess isn’t only delicious but also very cheap if you compare it to other food specialties.

The two of us continued strolling around until we found this:

…so what did we do?

Right! We did our favourite work out and ate!

I had a Mango flavored “Kakigori” which is basically crushed ice with syrup on top of it. YUM! While Celina had a sweet potato flavored soft ice cream.

With a heavy heart we said our goodbyes to the factory and headed back home to our apartment where we wanted to watch Scrubs but unfortunately my laptop decided to be a freaking bitch and didn’t read the DVD. Swear to god electronic devices HATE me!

While walking outside Celina caught a sight of this magical natural event and hit the brakes (causing her poor friend to suffer a heart attack!!!)

Suffering from shock I dragged her and my other friend Maurice to an Isakaya where we ate another Kakigori and chatted for an hour.

Moving on, our beloved roommate Jenny asked us to pick up her friend Alex from the bus stop…the only problem we neither knew the time not the name of the bus stop! Nevertheless we jumped on our bikes and challenged ourselves by riding all the way to Rizzan Sea Park Hotel WITHOUT ANY LIGHT. I almost broke my freaking neck going down a hill not to mention the physical damage I suffered from. Jenny, if your read this…you still own us ice cream for that stunt!

Luckily Celina and I waited at the right bus stop – yelling at Alex and the bus driver ’cause Alex had to stay on the bus for another three stops otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to get him to our apartment with all his luggage!

Around 10 pm we returned and showered after all the physical exhaustion. Even though I wanted to sleep – I knew that I had to stay up ’cause at 12:30 pm our co-worker would pick us up for a Karaoke night out.

…which I’ll blog about tonight since I have to go to work now.

Shoot! It’s already that late again? Worst planning ever today.

Gotta hurry – bye bye!



Author: clumsypanda

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Factory and biking at night adventure aka “Mission Impossible”

  1. Heeeyy~ That sounds like quite the adventures you’re having!! Your picture of you eating shaved ice is super cute! XD hahaha

    That looks like the beginning of a tornado O_O Scary!!

  2. Aww thank you! Indeed, every day in Okinawa is somewhat an adeventure 😉
    Yea, I’ve never seen something like that before but luckily it was over within ten minutes.

    BTW thank you for all your comments up until now 😉

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