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Change of lifestyle

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So after one month in Okinawa I’m in for a change. The way I’m living here right now is neither good for my body nor my mood.

Starting tomorrow instead of sleeping in until eleven I’ll get up at 8am and got to the beach swimming. Afterwards I have a proper breakfast&lunch before I take the bus to work at 2:15 pm. During my break from 4pm to 5pm I’ll nap in the locker room. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? The reason for the change is simple. Right now all I’m doing is sleep, work and eat. Not to mention that eating a lot at night isn’t very healthy for your body anyways.

So swimming and bento boxes in the morning it is(o^□^o)☆

Today I had another day off but didn’t do that much today. Just cleaned the apartment, went to the beach, ate at my restaurant and a Isagaya with my friend afterwards.

My trip to my workplace was pretty funny though. No one recognized me in my skirt and white blouse at first since my working uniform is so boyish!! When they finally recognized me they kept coming to my table from time to time – so cute!

Lucky me only had to pay 400 Yen for this:

Shabu – Shabu Salad

And Okinawa Tofu salad!

Swear to god – I almost cried because it was so delicious compared to the usual stuff (junk) we get at the staff cafeteria. VEGETABLES! – such rarity – //wipes away tears of joy.

I watched the sunset while my lovely roommates worked their ass off teheee~

The performance was pretty good and it’s way better to watch it in peace and not during work! The costumes were amazing!

Around 8pm I headed back to our apartment…which took me a whole hour because stupid me decided to walk. Almost no light, dead animals on the pavement, and weird sounds coming from the trees and bushes. Adding on I was wearing heels. Sucks balls. I’m stupid.

Moving on. I picked up my friend Lauren (One just has to love the Aussie) to go to a Isakaya.

However, on our way we ran into this adorable, TINY, kitten which we had to take home first. Poor thing was crying the whole time so we gave her some milk and asked our other friend Kristina for advice. After watching the sweet baby running around for a while Lauren and I got back on the road to hit the Isakaya.

My friend got some beer while I had some orange juice. In the end we decided to order some sweet potato Tempura and Yakitori with it. The owner gave us free watermelon as service!!! FRUITS!!! FOR FREE! We definitely go there again.

YUM! A girl must eat(* ̄ー ̄*)ニヤリッ

My day ended with a trip to Coco’s (a conbini) buying some meron pan and ice cream. Awesome day off and now I’m ready to start afresh tomorrow with swimming exercise.

…wish me good luck for getting up early.(つ∀-)オヤスミー


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