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Osaka ben sukiyanen!

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(‘Maido’ is the same as ‘konnichi wa’ in Osaka ben)

This post won’t be about Osaka or Osaka ben but about the awesome two days I spent in Naha with my friend Moss from the CamCam hostel I stayed with. Jenni and Maurice my work colleagues and friends joined in on the second day however, let me start from the beginning.

Since it was official that I’d get two days off in a row (12/13th of August) I planned my trip to Naha to visit all my friends who are still staying/working there.

After eating a free lunch meal at the hotel where I work at I took the bus No. 12o from Onna son to Naha which needs at least 1 1/2 hours to reach Naha…(; ̄д ̄)ハァ↓↓

The first thing I did after arriving was buying that freaking Kiss my ft2 debut album – to get that over and done with!(´-ω-`)

So yea…congratulations guys for debuting after being background bitches for 7 years – you really deserve it boys – and moa got a free freaking poster – how sweet is that?

Moving on to my meeting with everyone at the hostel:

That’s my lovely Moss – loving that woman to death and we definitely enjoyed that yum cup of heaven!

Moving on to my hot ass friend Takashi who is a freakin genius when it comes to playing the Sanshin a typical Okinawan instrument.

Since I arrived pretty late (around 5pm) I just spent some time on Kokusai Dori and Starbucks before buying me some delicious supper and crashed at CamCam with my peeps. We had the most random chats until almost all of them headed out for work. Jeez, their shifts would kill me! Aya – chan is rocking McDonald from 1o pm to 4am in the morning!!! So, Sae and I went to visit her around 11pm – she was so happy she almost throw a plate at me(。-∀-)ニヒッ

…she is adorable!

That’s my dear Sae with our iced coffee in the foreground.

The night wasn’t over yet when we returned to the hostel. I met a girl named Yoko from Osaka ( I LOVE OSAKA BEN?! – did I mention that before…w) and she asked us if we would like to go to a Isagsay with her. An Isagaya is a traditional japanese drinking bar and since I was curious I accepted the offer happily.

Let’s say I had fun((*´∀`))ウキャキャ

Took my leave earlier than everybody else since I’m not a big of a drinker and since I had already set a coffee date with Maurice, Jenni and Moss the next morning.

…guess what? I drank so much coffee before I went to bed that I was only able to sleep from 1am to 3am. Tried to go back to sleep until 4am. After that mission failed I left for a walk until 5am running into the two girls who work at a Kabukoro (female version of a  Host Club – so a hostess bar, where women serve male costumers drink and keep them company) Their conversation was hilarious!!! Got myself some meron pan in between – loving that sweet sinner!

Around 5:30 am Takashi came back from his job and talked me into accompanying him to a small restaurant close by since he was starving and only ten minutes later a Dracula looking me and a handsome looking japanese guy sit in a little restaurant around the corner trying to read the menu. My friend chose Sukiyaki…AT 5AM IN THE MORNING!!! – I just had another cup of coffee //laughs

We had a good chat though and he promised me to join us later on our coffee date if he’d be able to get up in time. Poor workaholic spirit…

Back at the hostel I spent the time from 6am until 9am with taking random naps, strolling around in the neighbourhood and talking to the people who either came back from work or were just about to leave for it.

Moss was scolding me for getting almost no sleep|x・`)チラッ She was right though…

New day – more Starbucks! Moss got a Frappucino I’ve never heard of before! One that has Jelly on the bottom and coffee on top. YUM! Maurice and Jenni were both in high spirits and my lovely shopaholic spent the next hours with slaughtering her bank account. God, she bought such a cute dress&bag! JEALOUS!

Anyhow Takashi didn’t make it for our coffee date but he joined us for lunch! WOOT! Afterwards both Moss and Takeshi left though ’cause they had to work later on – poor souls!└(―_―;)

So it was just Maurice and I sitting on a bench waiting for our daughter eh I mean friend Jenni to finish her shopping marathon so we could have some delicious dinner for once and not the boring one in the cafeteria at our hotel.

God, all of us admitted that we could die happily now after we ate that piece of sushi! Derrrrrricous!

Senzai – a little bit to sweet for my taste…

As you can see we ate a lot but we all shared so it was neither too expensive nor too much for each of us.

Stuffed we rolled down the streets waiting for a korean friend of ours who is working at Rizzan with us. He picked up his girlfriend from the airport but promised us to gives us a ride back to the hotel – and he kept his promise.

I was so glad to get back home early because my friends and I weren’t feeling very well – though we all agreed that the yummy food&shopping was worth the exhaustion and light sickness we all felt.

Now I have to wait another month to go back to Naha – at least I’ll have more money then again ( ̄ー ̄)d

Being back to work after two days off is hell but then again the more I work the higher my payment for next month.

Keep it up guys.

Much love!(@^-^)


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