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Kiss my ft2 – wait what?!



Nope I’m not dead and survived the typhoon that hit Okinawa this weekend without any scares. The strong wind and heavy rain was kind of scary though I’m not going to lie about that.

Anyways my roommates and I were finally off all together on the same day so we decided to have a girls day – Karaoke Party in Ishikawa.  That was freaking awesome! First of all let me introduce my lovely roommates:

(From the left: Hazel, Jenni & Celina)

We chose the 2 hour option with unlimited drinks which would have cost us 550 Yen each. Sweet lord I don’t know how much drinks I ordered but since we paid for it all of us had like tons of refills.
That was the moment when I fell in love with Iced coffee. Up until now I only like the latté one but Japan has that awesome syrup that makes the black one simply irresistible!

We sang so many songs – I can’t even remember all of them.
Everything from Arashi (Hazel LOVES them!!!) over Avril Lavigne, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Bon Jovi, Crystal Kay, Good Charlotte, Koda Kumi, Tohoshinki to V6 (and many more).
A insane mix of Japanese, Korean and English songs. Especially Barbie Girl, Seishun Amigo and Hey Mickey were a blast to sing. Some awkward dances and laugh attacks later we came to the conclusion to prolong for one more hour. And the craziness continued until our voices were all hoarse and soar.

We paid our bill and strolled over the street to the big supermarket for some proper food shopping.
There is this frozen Yoghurt which one is totally getting addicted to! Geez I should have bought more of it…

Moving on the same night Hazel and I watched the drama “Ikemen desu ne” on TV. Honestly, I prefer the Korean version but it’s still fun to watch because of the eye candy.

(Look at all those manly sparkles!!!)

…which leads me to my next topic:

I have a confession to make //drum roll

I fell in love with Kiss my ft2 (thunder sounds in the back & lightening)

Well, I already like KAT-TUN and since Kiss my ft2 used to be their backgrounds dancers my love was gradually growing for them. Not to mention that I think that Fujigaya Taisuke is smoking hot but that’s just me.

HOWEVER, I do not like Johnny’s in general – same goes for AKB 48 and all those other idol groups who sell their pretty faces. Guess I have to make an exception for those damn “K” groups //sighs

Moving on I went to “Cape Manzamo” yesterday morning. Such a beautiful sight to see and the cold breeze felt really good.

Work is tiring as always but  my co workers make every exhaustion worth it.

This week I have Thursday and Friday off and I’m planning on going to Naha to visit my friend Moss at the CamCam Hostel and do some more sight seeing.
If I’m lucky then my ID cards arrives in one week so that I’m finally able to buy a phone!!!

Need to straighten my hair now for work.
Keep it up guys!

(Just gonna leave this gif right here.)

Ps. Anyone else addicted to Nigahiga videos on you tube?


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    I just move to Japan and I was searching for bloggers here !!

    Check my blog : http://universeandyou.wordpress.com/

    Kisses !

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