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Onna ~> Nago ~> Naha & BACK!


Yesterday I went to Nago with Brandon and Jenny to a drifting track hidden in the mountains. Sweet Jezuz that was plain awesome! Besides the fact that drifting is really bad for your tires //laughs

We spent about two hours on two different tracks observing the drivers and taking pictures of them.
Hot men working on cars and speeding over a flat surface with the ocean in the background is such a wonderful combination!!!

Jenny and I met three adorable children who watched their father drift and who were so nice to show us the way to the restroom since it was located in a bullfight arena. (No idea why there is one in Japan – felt like I’m in Spain for a moment.)

Afterwards we literally raced over the highway to Naha. I love driving with Brandon and jamming to music meanwhile. Best way to relax from work.
We reached Naha only 40 minutes later.
Energetically Jenny and I went shopping for new clothes, bags, make up and anything else that makes women happy.
I bought a cap, a new bag and one outfit which I found on sale.

An hour later we met up with Brandon at Starbucks again. Poor guy had to wait for two mad shopaholics. In return we invited him and sat outside enjoying our Green Tea Frappucinos.

Right next to us sat a Yakuza – that’s at least how he looked like.
Stuffed with delicious food and Frappucino the chaos duo (Jenny/I) took off to explore Naha by ourselves. We walked all the way to Kokusai Dori but it was worth the way. It’s an amazing shopping street with the most adorable restaurants, café and shops.

Without a rush we strolled through the street – being stopped by the first Japanese shop owner soon who invitingly opened his arm wide for a hug. Since hugging and skinship is really rare in Japan we just took the invitation and hugged him. I think he was teddy like adorable. To tall though to pinch his cheeks…

There was something like a festival with traditional dancing when we arrived. The whole street was closed off for traffic so that we could enjoy the performance peacefully.

Moving on we ended up in another Starbucks where Jenny taped her toes which has been swollen for about a week now. We remained in the air-conditioned hide out for at least an hour just watching different people pass by and chatting.
We spotted a Game Center across the street and fetched our bags to spurt over to the glittery paradise for the sake of taking Purikura together.

(Don’t mind our alien eyes…)
Posing like pro’s we had fun in the tiny wonder box before we continued our shopping trip down the narrowed alleys. Half-way I realized that one of my bags went missing. Unfortunately neither Starbucks nor the other stores we visited had received a white plastic bag with my new clothes and camera bag. Thank god that I had taken my camera out before hand and wore it around my neck. So no money or camera gone…just my new clothes//cries.

Jenny took me to Frozen Yoghurt place to cheer me up. It was a great success because that stuff was simply delicious!!!

In the end we bought some more food in the Conbini before we waited for the bus to take us home.
The bus ride of at least one and a half hour appeared like an eternity but when we reached home I was glad to skype with my parents to catch up with them.

Later on tonight we stayed up until 2 am!! My lovely roommates were busy playing make up artist for one of the guys of our team while Hazel and I were engrossed in a deep conversation about JYJ aka Korean Entertainment.
Somehow our conversations got lost and somehow my exercising was described as a new form of “rain dance” while Jenny decided that if there really is a new crisis coming up in Ireland, she’d take all her cousins (and their cousins…) & potatoes to immigrate to Canada or to be more specific Vancouver – Hazel’s house.

A wonderful, exciting and funny day came to an end.
Now it’s already two days after my adventure in Naha/Nago and our shitty internet isn’t working so I don’t even know when you’ll read this blog.

Sorry about that – go complain to our hotel who didn’t pay for our internet bill yet!

Delicious chocolate for me~

PS. AFTER TWO DAYS –  OUR INTERNET IS FINALLY BACK!!! So with a happy – kira kira – smile on my face I shall go to sleep now.

Party on!


Author: clumsypanda

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life.

2 thoughts on “Onna ~> Nago ~> Naha & BACK!

  1. Woaw! Sounds like a really fun day~

    Sucks that you lost your clothes though D: I would have been devastated!

    That purikura is adorable! I love the way you’re wearing your new cap, super cute~

  2. It sure was!
    Yea…I had a major sugar input afterwards to cheer me up but I’m still upset about it //sigh
    Thank you!!! I’m seriously in love with the cap =))
    Thanks for reading ❤

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