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Japanese co workers



How is everyone? I’m doing quiet good over here since I finally got used to the heat&working condition. So let me show/introduce you to my working place:

A big glass house prefect to grill the people who work inside of it(-0- #)

Alright, the first food stand straight ahead is my second home. Yesterday my beloved co worker Koga had the day off so I had to set up everything by myself. Dang, I was so scared to forget something but in the end I finished just in time for lunch break. Afterwards I was informed that I wouldn’t be completely by myself but receive support from a helper during the rush hour. “Nakasone san” is probably twice as old as me and a very kind, funny and caring woman who I really enjoyed working with. However, it was her first time working at my stand so I had explain everything to her which was weird since she is supposed to be my “senpai” and shouldnt be taught by a younger person like me. Well, she didnt mind…

Yesterday my friend Hazel and I sat with our female co workers during lunch and they asked us who we consider as “good-looking” beyond our male stuff members…oh boy I shouldn’t have said anything ミ(ノ_ _)ノ=3 ドテッ! – but I can’t shut up, stupid me.

I told them that I consider “Masaru” and “Koga” as good-looking. Right after lunch I ran into Masaru and I was grinning like a mad person – poor guy though he was laughing about my strange behavior. For god’s sake I have no idea how often I ran into him that night during work! He is so nice though, always helping me and asking me if I’m ok.

Now here comes the embarrassment of the night. My partner Nakasone took a short break and Masaru came to my stand and we just talked casually when our manager came by and warned me to stay away from Masaru – he was joking – moving on that he asked me if I even knew Masaru’s name which I obviously do. The manager was surprised that I remembered it so he asked me for his own name…AND I DIDN’T REMEMBER IT! I wanted to vanish in a deep black hole so badly…

Later on a high school boy asked me for my mail address – which is pretty brave for a japanese boy so I just gave it to him. I’m surprised that Rizzan accepts even high schoolers to work at the Resort during summer break!

Anyways – work is fun with the people around me and the only problem are my hurting feet //laughs

Is anyone watching this drama? My roommates and I LOVE it! It’s about four sisters and their love struggles! Finally something different from all the High school dramas! The different characters make the whole story more realistic and fun to watch.

All three of us immediately fell for the sexy photographer aka Shigeaki Kato. Sweet jezuz he is such a damn tease in this drama but we already ship him with Hanawa Sakurako aka Kanjiya Shihori (○´3`)ノ アイラビュ───ン

The one man who can kill you with one smirk. He is eye f***ing me. Uh yum – definitely gonna keep watching it!

Time to get going: WORK! (●ゝω・)ノ


Author: clumsypanda

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2 thoughts on “Japanese co workers

  1. That looks like an interesting place to work! I always though high-class hotels and resorts must be a bit stressful though, isn’t it? Since it’s custommers with lots of money that come in and the service you give must be perfect and everything!

    Well, it’s nice that you get along with your co-workers. I like it when silly things like these situations happen n____n

  2. Hey there =)
    I’m not gonna lie my job is tough but as I said my co worker make it worth it : DD

    Haha yea those ‘happenings’ are so drama like though…;P

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