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And dang I really need it //laughs

So here we go let me introduce my workplace to you: Rizzan Sea – Park Hotel

It’s a high-class hotel which I wouldn’t be able to afford. The hotel even has his own church for couples to get married. The beach is the most beautiful one I have ever seen and trust me I’ve been to a lot of beaches before. Up until now the temperature never dropped under 27 degrees during the day so you can imagine that a shower once a day is by far not enough. I’m working at the restaurant serving Okinawa specialities right next to the church – outside of the hotel! That means – no air condition! So can you guy imagine what it is like to work from 3pm to 11pm straight – always running around & preparing food – by 27 to 30 degrees?! Haha so yea I was ready for a break or rather my feet were.

However, I have the sweets co-worker ever. His name is Koga and he is only 18 years old. The two of us run one of the three food stands (the restaurant is more like a huge food court) which offers: Tako Rice, Sausages, Rafuto – don, Okinawa Jushi, Mango cheesecake, Kasutera (cake)& Summer fruits.

The past two days we had about 300 customers and we were frequently running out of supplies and food ‘causing Koga and me to run back and forth between the kitchen& our food stand. Quite exhausting.

In Okinawa you don’t say: ‘Irasshaimase’ but ‘Men-sore!’ which has basically the same meaning, it’s just a Okinawa dialect.

Today I woke up and got myself some coffee at Lawson:

I’m so ADDICTED to that stuff!

…and who could resist Onigiris/such delicious bentos? Packed with food I headed back home to update this blog while munching my Shake – Onigiri. (Shake – Salmon).

Today my friend from Naha is coming to pick me up and we probably go to a Matsuri (Festival), buy shoes/pillow/make passport pictures and have some dinner together. I’m looking forward to take a lot of pictures and enjoy my day off  b(’0’)d

Listening to ‘Fighting for air’ by Far East Movement, which always reminds me of my best friend back in Germany…I MISS U BABY!

Sore wa matta ne~



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