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(゚∇^*)オハヨ♪ !

I already woke up at 9 am to go to the town office to register but guess what stupid me forgot to bring the passport pictures…so I’ve to wait until tomorrow.

Yesterday we were finally introduced to our working position.  I’ll be working in a traditional Okinawan restaurant within the hotel. Always from 3pm to 11pm including a one – hour dinner break. That restaurant hosts traditional performances so it’s a pretty awesome place to work at. Though during the preparation time we don’t have air con out there…31°C…I’ll do my best haha

We have a bus shuffle since our dormitory is in the middle of no where, which takes us to the hotel. The bus driver is a grumpy old man //laughs

Alright I’ve got some pictures for you:

The first picture shows a little shop across the street from our apartment and the second one is our little supermarket. I love going there because you always run into tiny grandma’s and they are so kind!

…thank god I located the only Conbini here: LAWSON!!! Went there yesterday to buy Matcha ice cream, YUM! The lady behind the counter was so nice because she allowed me to take pictures inside of the store – you ain’t wanna try that in Tokyo!

The middle section is the most important one: COFFEE! o^冂^o♪゛

Japan has the most delicious kinds of sweet bread and sandwiches filled with egg, chicken, nato etc. And see the little Matcha muffin?! Nom!

Yesterday as already stated we received our job instruction and afterwards most of us headed to the beach. I’m not that much of a swimming person but of course it was a good opportunity to take more pictures!

Okinawa has the most beautiful beaches I have seen so far but it caught me by surprise to see a group of children dressed in karate outfits, playing soccer in the sand! I love children so I sneaked over there and asked the trainer if I’d be allowed to take pictures  and she told me that the kids would be so happy if I did that.

…aren’t they so adorable?! I wanted to take all of them home with me! Definitely going there again to snatch more pictures of them.

…isn’t that site so beautiful? Just walking through the water with bare feet, taking pictures while talking to my friend is such a good way to relax after a busy day.

At night we went to a bar, having some drinks, chatting about random stuff and about our positions at work. I’m eager to learn more kanji so is my roommate Carla. That’s why we’ll head to the hotel sooner today for lunch so that we can study together before our shifts start at 3pm.

Hopefully they hand us our whole schedule soon so that I can update my friend in Naha :* about my days off.

Alright the bus should be here soon – time to move my butt.

Ja ne~( ̄∇ ̄)ノAHAHA


Author: clumsypanda

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2 thoughts on “O-o-o-hayo~!

  1. Yaayyy~ You found a Lawson!! Combinis are the first thing I looked for on my previous (and first) trip to Japan. Ok, so I was in Tokyo in Asakusa district, so it wasn’t THAT hard, but HEY! I barely speak any japanese and had never been to Japan, so I was super proud of myself hahaha!

    You’re hairstyle’s super cute! Love the bangs! It’s rare that I see girls being able to pull off bangs so well~

    Those kids are super adorable! The picture made me giggle out loud 😀

  2. Aww thanks for the compliment girl :*
    Yea, conbinis are EVERYWHERE in Tokyo – you hardly have to walk five minutes to bump into the next one but yea as a foreigner it’s always harder haha

    IKR! I love kids so you will get more of pics like that!
    Thanks for commenting! =)

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