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What’s up people. So I finally arrived in Okinawa, bought a new adapter cause my other one died on me, arrived at my dormitory and have access to a decent internet connection.

So let’s start from the beginning: The flight was a pain in the ass – though I was surprised that they showed “Ashita no Joe”. Awesome movie with a deep meaning hidden inside of it. If you live in Japan – go borrowed it! – if not just download it online //laughs

Anywho after endless suffering because of carrying two suitcases and one laptop bag for two hours in the freaking summer heat (35°C), getting of the wrong train station, walking around in circles I made it more or less alive to my Hostel called “Cam Cam”.

It’s tiny and I almost passed by without noticing it. It’s really cute and filled with kind people though.

Dang i missed japanese fashion style, their randomness and the sitting pose lol

Exchanged email addresses with a lot of them and jumped under the shower. However, the moment you exit the bathroom you feel like going right back.

Then I messaged my dear Soulmate Brandon who picked me up an hour later with his car to show Naha to me.

…my new partner in crime!

Blue sky, palm trees, sunny beaches & awesome food. This place is worthy to be called paradise! Brandon introduced me to his friends and we had some Starbucks. Dang, how much did I miss the delicious Matcha Frappucino! ❤ Thanks for inviting me Brandon =)

Yea – that’s how we roll 😉 Loving his car and I realized how much I missed going on random rides! Driving through the city without a real aim, taking pictures, shit chatting and just hanging out with fun people.

Night time in Okinawa – taken from a nice little apartment up the hill ;P

Around ten I made it back  to the Hostel and talked to the japanese people there. They were playing the guitar, singing, smoking (lol), playing video games and one girl sewed a case for her cell phone ALL NIGHT!

Didnt stay up too late – maybe eleven o’clock and headed to bed….to wake up at freaking 4 AM! – just in time for the final soccer match. USA vs Japan. Good job, my dear japanese kick ass girls you really surprised everyone by winning the World Cup! OMEDETO!

Moving on, Okinawa is very different from usual japanese cities. There is a lot of American influence and yet they treasure old traditions. I just met all of my team & roommates and hell yea one is Australian. Digging the accent! Shout out to my lovely girl Lu :*

The other guys are all funky and from all over the world. Now that we arrived in Nago I can’t express in words how much i miss Naha already…Nago is a ghost village…

I’ll be start working on Wednesday in the restaurant and as much as I’m looking forward to speak more japanese as scared am I to screw up /laughs

Probably going to buy a prepaid phone from Softbank after all to keep in contact with my Naha peeps.

So, we are going out to the beach soon so I’ll post another blog tomorrow after my job orientation. Like the pictures? 😉


Author: clumsypanda

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3 thoughts on “Naha!

  1. Woooaw! Naha looks great! You sound like such a social person, I would have been really shy in the hostel.

    So what is it you’re doing exactly? You’re an exchange student and now you have part-time job at a restaurant while you’ll be staying in Japan to study? (Sorry! I just found your blog and didn’t see anything mentioning details, I’m curious! :B)

    I can’t wait to read more of your stay out there! I read lots of blogs from working gaijin girls in Japan, but most of them are in central Japan. Okinawa looks wonderful!!

    • Hey bb =)

      Haha yea I’m not shy at all even if my japanese isnt so great yet I just try and talk as much as possible so that I can improve it 😉
      I’m not an exchange student, I’m here with a Working Holiday visa and working at a Hotel restaurant We have to speak very formal japanese
      here but I’ll talk about that in my next blog 😉

      Thank you! Yes, Okinawa really is my new little paradise! I’ll be staying here until November then I’ll head to Tokyo Thanks for reading!

  2. すごい!Alinaちゃん、okinawa は住みやすいしきれいな所。
    Alina ラッキーじゃん!

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